Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 49 : Goodbye to the E/A Bouquet of Justice for This City)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 49 1/2

Kamen Rider Double Ep 49 2/2

Summary : One year after Philip's merging with the true Gaia Memory, Shotaro leaves a pet shop after giving the third degree to one of its workers, for not having cat food he needed, and is followed by a young boy named Akira Aoyama who needs help finding his sister Yui who has gone missing for three days. Taking the case, and Akira with him, Shotaro goes to Watcherman and Queen & Elizabeth, learning that Yui was last seen with a gang calling themselves "EXE" who are buying Gaia Memories. Eventually, Shotaro finds gang leader Shiro Endo with five EXE members and discover that Yui is being held captive, having revealed to have a Gaia Memory that she was trying to sell to them. Endo reveals that they are taking over the Gaia Memory business in order to get someone's attention. One of his flunkies becomes the Anomalocaris Dopant, with Shotaro transforming into Kamen Rider Joker to defeat him as Endo's posse take their leave. Chasing after a frightened Akira, Shotaro explains that they are no different in being strong on their own before telling the boy to meet him at the detective agency. Later, Shotaro returns to the office, just as the Frog Pod impersonates Philip's voice for Akiko's request. Akira, prompting Akiko to explain to the boy able who Philip was. Suddenly, Akira gets a text message from Endo about his sister, asking not to get Shotaro any more involved. Akira heads to EXE's base alone, revealing that Ocean Memory was put in his bookbag by his sister. Akira and his sister run away as another EXE member transforms into the Cockroach Dopant to pursue them. However, having placed a tracking device on Akira's shoe, Shotaro arrives to their location and becomes Kamen Rider Joker to defeat the Cockroach Dopant just as Ryu takes out most of the other EXE members, allowing Akiko to get Akira and Yui to safety. After destroying the Ocean Memory and arresting the various members of EXE, Shotaro believes that everything is resolved. However, the pet shop worker from earlier arrives, revealing that he is EXE's actual leader, transforming into the Energy Dopant. After one blast from the rail gun in the Energy Dopant's arm, Shotaro falls to the ground, seemingly dead. However, the Xtreme Memory has blocked the fatal shot, just as Philip materializes from it. Philip reveals that almost a year ago, after accidentally learning that Philip sacrificed himself to save her, Wakana found a dying Shroud who gave her the means to invoke the Gaia Impact. Wakana used this opportunity to bring Philip back to life, restoring his existence by sacrificing her own. Philip is then approached by all of his family in the Gaia Library, saying their goodbyes and entrusting Futo's well being to him as they dissolve into the Gaia Memory. But as his body still needed to be fully restored, Philip watched over Shotaro from afar up until the Energy Dopant's attack. However, Shotaro and Philip's reunion is cut short by Energy as he resumes his Dopant form. Together again, Shotaro and Philip transform into Kamen Rider Double, defeating the Energy Dopant with their Joker Extreme Maximum Drive.

Finally Kamen Rider W officially end. Cant wait for next up series, Kamen Rider OOO ^_^

p/s it seem toei remove the video link..here what i found u can dl the video..hope it helps ;)

Part 1:
Part 2:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO Trailer

Abit emo that youtube have remove Kamen Rider W Final Episode subbed. Guess i need to download it ;(..and might not be publish at here. Anyway, here the upcoming Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider OOO!

Hope the series as good as W!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jelly Lens

What is jelly lens? well if u ask me it wasnt a lens, is more like a filter wif 1cm diameter size. Yes u r rite, it fit on any camera lens regardless phone camera or ur digi cam (forget about dslr) wif 1cm diameter. Bigger than tat size will have vignette area. There are various type of Jelly Lens.

* 2 in 1 *

* When separate it *

But why was it called jelly? well if without d jelly how to attach to d lens? I am abit disappointed that the jelly wasn't as sticky as expected. Tried to put water and dry it up still not that sticky and hardly attached correctly to my camera.

* The removable jelly *

As i mentioned before, it can attach to any lens wif 1cm diameter size. Thus i attach it on my BB and play wif it.

* jeng jeng jeng *

* sadly the lens cant attach properly thus the blue area covered a part of d lens *

Oh forgot to mentioned, the jelly lens i had was BURST effect and 3 KALEIDOSCOPE effect. Here is how it looks like.

* Burst Effect *

* Kaleidoscope effect *

Plan to get more to play wif but the jelly stickiness kinda disappointing..I'll try figure out a effective way for it to attach.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Random 123

Oh yes this is a random post. Just want to show off what i get for my Blackberry Bold 9700.

did i mention b4 tat i love purple color? oh yes! finally a real rubber "condom" for my phone. Previously my N900 casing wasn't 100% rubber. But this casing juz gonna use when i am driving. I'll still keep using this as my main casing, the original Bold Holster.

It have been more than a week since i owned a BB Bold2. Generally i kinda like the battery performance. It can last me for 3 days with random BBM, SMS, Call and check twitter. But then BBM none stop can last a day of coz..thanks to some1 who are being hardcore BBM-ing wif me recently. U know who u r XP

I still love my N900 in terms of web performance. Sad to say my BB being too random in viewing youtube video. Sometime can sometime kenot. What even make me sad was the video format that supported by Bold2. It mentioned tat DivX/WMV/XviD/3gp format are supported but it doesnt work for me. Mayb is my compressor problem?

Ah not to forget about my Baby Vivi! I was excpecting her to retunr by end of this month but her "butt" been injured quite serious and gonna spend some time in ICU. Sigh, live without her sucks..:(

Been thinking wanna comic-terize my BB onot..if yes...

or mayb not XP

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Testing Still Live + Strobist

i have been loving to shoot still live image alot especially foods! But i believe it wasn't easy because to make something common into interesting and uncommon. I have been spending my 2nd weeks of semester break and sad to say i only touched my camera once.

Tried to shoot still live using my tripod and my SB-600 as spot light. My SB 600 wasn't act as a spot light, but 3 spot light..how? oh well..ask me personally XP..but i guess it wasn't as successful as having 3 real flash light to trigger in the same time.

First test, having my flash act as Key light, fill light and back light. Subject, my Kamen Rider figures.

Second test, same thing, using my flash act as Key light, fill light and back light. Trying to use a subject that have some reflectivity and this is what i get.

Thirdly, i din get any satisfactory result. Thus i simply use my SB600 act as a spot light from top.

Oh, i desperately need money to gear up myself ;(..but i believe skill come first, gear are extra. Gotta train more. My hols gonna end next week. Means, gonna put aside my passion on photography a while again.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 48 : The Abandoned U/Eternal Partners)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 48 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 48 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 48 3/3

Summary : As the Utopia Dopant continues to harm Shotaro to get a rise from Philip to increase Wakana's power, Philip tells Shotaro to transform. Just as the Utopia Dopant is to deliver a final blow, he is struck by an orb of gravitational energy from the Taboo Dopant, canceling his transformation and throwing him into a wall before she unleases a barrage to finish him off. However, Kazu reveals himself to be a Necro-Over as he assumes his Dopant form and cancels Saeko's Dopant form, spiriting her and Wakana away. After Ryu is brought to a hospital, Akiko, Shotaro, and Philip go to the beach to regroup. The two argue until Akiko finds a ball in the sand and hands it to them, telling them to talk it out. Philip tells Shotaro that if he is going to disappear forever, he wants to have done something to make him happy before he goes. Shotaro, however, can't accept Philip leaving. Philip tells him it will still happen asks him to keep protecting Futo after he is gone. Just then, Shotaro gets a phone call from Jinno, only to find the caller to be Kazu as he shows Philip a taste of his personal utopia: a psychic barrage of all of him attacking the Informants, Jinno, and Makura before going after Akkiko. By the time they find Akiko faceless like the others, Philip breaks into tears it as Wakana starts to waken. Remembering Shroud's words, a guilt-ridden Shotaro takes Sokichi's hat and walks off. After seeing her father and Philip, Wakana comes to and finds Saeko as she reveals Kazu's plan for her. Wakana believes that Saeko before Kazu arrives, saying that he is ready to fulfill his promise to her: to change her life for the better much to her surprise due to the tone of his voice. Though he forgave her, Kazu asks why she had helped the Kamen Riders find Wakana, and Saeko replies that she no longer has a reason to prove herself to her form. She takes the Taboo Memory from him and tells Wakana to escape. However, after mortally wounding the Taboo Dopant, leaving Saeko to die, the Utopia Dopant captures Wakana and hooks her to the data uplink device to begin the process. However Shotaro walks in and uses his wits to get the upper hand against the Utopia Dopant, having the Memory Gadgets hold the Dopant at bay and damage the machine as he rescues Wakana. As he escapes, the laboratory explodes, trapping the Utopia Dopant inside. Once outside, Shotaro puts Wakana down as the Xtreme Memory arrives with Phili, amazed that he did it all by himself. Their celebration is interrupted by the Utopia Dopant, asking why his plans had to be stopped. After Philip explains that he'll be there to foil it at every turn, Shotaro replies he'll never let Futo suffer as he and Philip tell Kazu to count his sins as they transform into Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker Xtreme for the final time. The Utopia Dopant tries to use their emotions to increase his powers, but Philip's final feelings to save his sister prove too much for the Utopia Dopant to absorb. The Utopia Dopant jumps into the air as Double activates the Maximum Drives of both the Prism Memory into the Xtreme Memory to deliver a Double Prism Xtreme Rider Kick. The Maximum Drive lands, overpowering the Utopia Dopant and sending him to the ground. With his transformation cancelled, Kazu gets to his feet, asking if it is a sin to love, before activating the Utopia Memory, again. However, he drops it to the ground and it breaks, before he dissolves away into nothingness. Having watched the entire fight, Ulsland deems Foundation X's study of Gaia Memories to be scrapped as she takes her leave. The Xtreme Memory gives off some green energy and Philip realizes it is time to go. After asking Shotaro not to tell Wakana about what is to happen, he prepares to remove the Xtreme Memory from the belt before Shotaro stops him, asking if he could remove it instead. With Shotaro keeping himself from crying, Philip tells him that they'll still be partner even if he is gone so long as the Earth exists. Shotaro removes the Xtreme Memory from the belt, as it and Philip dissolve away into the planet. After bringing Wakana to the hospital, with Akkiko, the informants, and the officers returned to normal, Shotaro returns to the office and opens the gift Philip left for him. Inside is the Lost Driver from the NEVER incident and Philip's book. Inside the book is a message from Philip, "Please take care of the city I love. Kamen Rider, Shotaro Hidari."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jacquelyn Convocation Day

Guess who graduate? You got it right! Is Jacquelyn!

* The happy girl *

Woahh finally she grown up, big girl liao, graduate liao..sob sob so touched! ok i sound like a parent lol wtf. The convocation day was held on Wisma MCA. She invited few of us to attend. So guess which familiar faces u will see? :P

* bully & bullied *

* With samantha *

* Me, Jeffro, Jacq, Aaron & Alex *

to be honest this is my first time attended convocation. dun count my own convo during Kindergarten LOL..yes i never graduate from primary and high school, only kindergarten..my primary and high school too kiam siap..-_-

* With her friends *

* scene that alwiz happen..i gonna throw mine higher next time! *

I dunno whats d feeling of being graduate. Would it feel like a burden been lighten up or just a beginning of nightmare to working world? well, i still got 2 more years to go to figure it out. But nevertheless, looking so many ppl graduate, definitely is a happy things. Or mayb not since high competitor was born haha..

* with her family *

Anyway, still happy to c her graduate. Been knowing her for more than a year but all of us get mix up very fast. I hope this friendship never end, and just like Grown Ups movie, we'll gathered again in 20~30 years later..who know? ;)

* Last pic *


p/s would like to congrate Cathy and Greg who graduate on same day too ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grown Ups Movie

It have been few weeks since my last movie! omg i know i skip alot nice movie. Beat me! I havent watch despicable me, inception and sorceress apprentice! I went to Jacq convocation this morning at Wisma MCA. Aww she finally graduate! Together wif Alex, Samantha, Jeffro and Aaron after the convo, we went to lunch at Wangsa Walk and grab a tic for movie, Grown Ups!

Grown Ups is a 2010 American buddy-comedy film starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider. Rock, Schneider, Spade and Sandler (as well as co-star Tim Meadows) all joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in the 1990-91 season; other actors Colin Quinn, Maya Rudolph, and Norm MacDonald have also been SNL cast members. Sandler and Fred Wolf wrote the script and Dennis Dugan directed. The film was produced by Sandler's production company Happy Madison and was distributed by Columbia Pictures.

It is nice, comedy, warm hearted and harmony movie. To be honest, the whole movie was enjoyable and very harmony. No complicated conflict, no twist and turn and yea, a very nice feeling movie. I wonder will i able to gather together wif my friends 20~30 years later just like in this movie. It would be cool, rite? no? ;P

* All buddies gathered *

* One of my favourite scene when they pointing themself and said "me?" *

* and i alwiz wanted to do tat *

* the eye catching scene, megan fox alike scene :D *

Anyway, do catch up this movie! no regrets! The stort line and character development are very well manages. Not to mention all comedian actors are in this movie ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

If Old One Didn't Go, New One Won't Come Part 2

Not long ago after my car accident, i did a blog post with this title. Why there is part two? Well if u recall this post, i mentioned that i gonna change my N900 to other phone, BB 9700.

* last pics of N900 *

And here is my new aibou. Though in real life he is 9700, but in this blog N900 will remain :)

* Same Wallpaper as my previous N900 :) *

I believe i dun need to do any review on this phone. There are alot nice review on google. What i can say is it wasnt for geek. Geek should seek for N900 (Maemo) or Android OS phone. But it doesnt matter. 9700 just right perfect for me with the stable OS and friendly apps that fit my daily needed.

I wanna pimp my BB! I been wondering long what color i should pimp. I even come across to try Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker theme. BUt a green color phone will looks weird. Thus i made my decision to pimp into this!

* Kamen Rider Joker! *

Oh yea, Kamen Rider Joker theme! With purple metalic on the keypad, side and back and red trackball (if got). Well, not gonna pimp now..soon when i m prepared for it ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sooyan 21st Birthday Celebration

Since both Sooyan and Yvonne started to work, most of us reli hardly get to meet up> well, student busy wif student life and working ppl busy wif working life. This what we call life. But nth gonna stop us for a meet up if we wanted to. It was Sooyan birthday on mon and we celebrate with her on tues.

* The main highlight *

Yupz, it was her 21st birthday. Finally she is a grown up legal lady. We celebrate at Sunway, Ole-ole Bali. A restaurant that specialist in Indonesia food ( i believe). There are six of us who celeb her birthday. As usual 6 of us consist me, HseinHooi, WaiLoon, Andrienne, Yvonne and Peiying. Unfortunately Frank and his gf unable to join us coz he strain his leg (again? :P)

* Sooyan and Yvonne who are best friends since primary *

* The talk none stop Hsienhooi who just back from Aussie for few weeks. He hasnt change much hee *

* Every1 except me *

ALl of us order the same main course, which is Nasi Campur Ole Ole. It cost RM33 (if i not mistaken). yea i know tat price i can eat at chilis. But the portion was big enuf to be shared wif two person, except u had a big appetites like me. The Nasi Campur got chicken, fish, squid, prawn, vegie and etc. We also ordered some side dishes.

* The Nasi Campur *

* Fried squid *

* no idea what is this *

* Nom nom nom *

As usual, birthday girl should come in a package with birthday cake, song and wishes from friends.

* Birthday cake *

* the grown up lady *

* This kind of game again... *

* Good thing no 1 push her face like my friends did to me last year *

* group pic *

Looking myself in the group pic make me realize i look damn fuck up due to not enuf sleep and rest on past few weeks due to assignment torture. Not to mention my hair are in mess and i din shave my beard..uhhh muz do it this hols! i muz rest more to accept upcoming challenge on my coming sem.

Anyway Happy Birthday again sooyan! well, guess all our gang has over 21st years old. Time to go genting! ;P

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rendering Assignment

As u all know i m pursuing to 3D Animation path since last 2 years. To be honest i had made it until today i was happy wif it. Though my work is not excellent yet but at least i had make my 1st step. I need to get myself expose more to b better. Though i admit i enjoy doing 3D animation, but i have to admit there are certain part i dun reli like it. Is either i dun have talent on it or i dun have enuf practice. One of them would be rendering. I got 2 final assignment for Rendering subject.

The first 1 would be render a Car (3d model) with a scene (picture) given. I used Maya Software and basic shader to do it. Well, i knew my car is not realistic enuf. So phail

2nd was render a Restaurant-like-room. Same requirement wif d top 1, need render as realistic as possible. I m using Mental Ray with this with MIA X shader. To be honest i guess i m familiar with Maya Software more but i juz wanna give myself a try on Mental Ray.

Well, i guess i need practice more on both. I m not gonna give up yet! But in d same time i wish i could b modeler or animator.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 47 : The Abandoned U/A Request From Philip)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 47 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 47 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 47 3/3

Summary : Philip asks Shotaro and Ryu to help him save Wakana from Saeko and Foundation X as they intend to envoke the Gaia Impact. However, he tells Shotaro that he might dissappear the next time they become Double.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kamen Rider Justis! Part 3

This is the 3rd post for my 3D Character Modeling, Kamen Rider Justis. Yes is a part of my assignment. Until today i still cant believe it that i have model my very first 3D Character. Not to mention is a Kamen Rider originally designed by me. Ok i knew it lack of originality in terms of the eyes (inspire from Den-O eyes) and V shape horn (inspire from W w shape horn). I model him a scarf as well as a symbol of Showa rider. And the final product design is totally differences than my original design..hehe

Here is my character wireframe and with shader

Well we are suppose to make him in a pose and a prop to match with the character. This is what i come out with, a simple battle ground environment and a pose he performing final attack, not a rider kick yet.

And here a video for my Kamen Rider Justis turntable. Soundtrack by Kamen Rider W original OST (track 22)

Well, at least i had made my first step to my future career as 3d animator. I dunno which part i wanna be in an animator team, but i wish i could do modeling and animating. It is fun to c a simple polygon become a character and u give life to it by rigging and animate it.

Lets hope in future i could have my very own animation! A Kamen Rider animation perhaps? :P