Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Bye...

ok dun be afraid! my N900 not official death! Just that i gonna leave him..after been in consideration for so long, i finally decided to trade in my N900 for other phone. If u wanna know what's d reason, well alot reason but i dowan to mentioned here. I just realize that this phone wasn't my piece of cup anymore. Mayb i m that type of person before get something, i put 101% full interest on it. After i owned it, i no longer appreciated it. sigh

i gonna get myself a BB Bold2. Yea is not a very wise decision. N900 is far powerful than Bold2. But i adi make up my mind. So after this i'll make sure Bold2 gonna stay wif me at least 2 years from now! I am not gonna change phone anymore! But i'll still keep N900 in this blog.