Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jacquelyn Convocation Day

Guess who graduate? You got it right! Is Jacquelyn!

* The happy girl *

Woahh finally she grown up, big girl liao, graduate liao..sob sob so touched! ok i sound like a parent lol wtf. The convocation day was held on Wisma MCA. She invited few of us to attend. So guess which familiar faces u will see? :P

* bully & bullied *

* With samantha *

* Me, Jeffro, Jacq, Aaron & Alex *

to be honest this is my first time attended convocation. dun count my own convo during Kindergarten LOL..yes i never graduate from primary and high school, only primary and high school too kiam siap..-_-

* With her friends *

* scene that alwiz happen..i gonna throw mine higher next time! *

I dunno whats d feeling of being graduate. Would it feel like a burden been lighten up or just a beginning of nightmare to working world? well, i still got 2 more years to go to figure it out. But nevertheless, looking so many ppl graduate, definitely is a happy things. Or mayb not since high competitor was born haha..

* with her family *

Anyway, still happy to c her graduate. Been knowing her for more than a year but all of us get mix up very fast. I hope this friendship never end, and just like Grown Ups movie, we'll gathered again in 20~30 years later..who know? ;)

* Last pic *


p/s would like to congrate Cathy and Greg who graduate on same day too ;)


Jacquelyn Ho said...

wahhhh. thank you for this post! :))))

bully and the bullied haha. i think the caption terbalik edi ahem :p

and again, thanks for coming! had fun with u guys that day hehe

Jackie Loi said...

so u admit it is terbalik hahahaha..

no prob ;)..have fun wif u guys like an ages since v hang out together ;D

Pek Chek Kia said...

Congratulation to Jacquelyn.

UTAR red scroll tube is sure big O.o

Cathy C said...

Thank you for congratulating me too. hahahhaa.

p.s: congratulatioms jac and greg :)