Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kamen Rider Justis! Part 3

This is the 3rd post for my 3D Character Modeling, Kamen Rider Justis. Yes is a part of my assignment. Until today i still cant believe it that i have model my very first 3D Character. Not to mention is a Kamen Rider originally designed by me. Ok i knew it lack of originality in terms of the eyes (inspire from Den-O eyes) and V shape horn (inspire from W w shape horn). I model him a scarf as well as a symbol of Showa rider. And the final product design is totally differences than my original design..hehe

Here is my character wireframe and with shader

Well we are suppose to make him in a pose and a prop to match with the character. This is what i come out with, a simple battle ground environment and a pose he performing final attack, not a rider kick yet.

And here a video for my Kamen Rider Justis turntable. Soundtrack by Kamen Rider W original OST (track 22)

Well, at least i had made my first step to my future career as 3d animator. I dunno which part i wanna be in an animator team, but i wish i could do modeling and animating. It is fun to c a simple polygon become a character and u give life to it by rigging and animate it.

Lets hope in future i could have my very own animation! A Kamen Rider animation perhaps? :P