Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kamen Rider Justis!

1 week to go before i get out from jail! Been struggling with Maya this few weeks. Finally i finish model 1 of my character for my assignment! Lemme introduce, Kamen Rider Justis! My own designed Rider, just like Clevis ;P

* Kamen Rider Justis *

* Arm guard with Claw *

* Some plate armor on leg *

* Simple belt design *

* Like most Showa rider, i gave him scarf! And a sword on the back *

Havent done rigging for him. Hopefully manage to done by tmrw or d day after tmrw. Cant wait to pose him in Rider kick!


Kelvin said...

WAKAKAK!!!! Awesome work there... faster finish it up and show us

Jackie Loi said...

doing doing :D :D