Monday, August 23, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 48 : The Abandoned U/Eternal Partners)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 48 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 48 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 48 3/3

Summary : As the Utopia Dopant continues to harm Shotaro to get a rise from Philip to increase Wakana's power, Philip tells Shotaro to transform. Just as the Utopia Dopant is to deliver a final blow, he is struck by an orb of gravitational energy from the Taboo Dopant, canceling his transformation and throwing him into a wall before she unleases a barrage to finish him off. However, Kazu reveals himself to be a Necro-Over as he assumes his Dopant form and cancels Saeko's Dopant form, spiriting her and Wakana away. After Ryu is brought to a hospital, Akiko, Shotaro, and Philip go to the beach to regroup. The two argue until Akiko finds a ball in the sand and hands it to them, telling them to talk it out. Philip tells Shotaro that if he is going to disappear forever, he wants to have done something to make him happy before he goes. Shotaro, however, can't accept Philip leaving. Philip tells him it will still happen asks him to keep protecting Futo after he is gone. Just then, Shotaro gets a phone call from Jinno, only to find the caller to be Kazu as he shows Philip a taste of his personal utopia: a psychic barrage of all of him attacking the Informants, Jinno, and Makura before going after Akkiko. By the time they find Akiko faceless like the others, Philip breaks into tears it as Wakana starts to waken. Remembering Shroud's words, a guilt-ridden Shotaro takes Sokichi's hat and walks off. After seeing her father and Philip, Wakana comes to and finds Saeko as she reveals Kazu's plan for her. Wakana believes that Saeko before Kazu arrives, saying that he is ready to fulfill his promise to her: to change her life for the better much to her surprise due to the tone of his voice. Though he forgave her, Kazu asks why she had helped the Kamen Riders find Wakana, and Saeko replies that she no longer has a reason to prove herself to her form. She takes the Taboo Memory from him and tells Wakana to escape. However, after mortally wounding the Taboo Dopant, leaving Saeko to die, the Utopia Dopant captures Wakana and hooks her to the data uplink device to begin the process. However Shotaro walks in and uses his wits to get the upper hand against the Utopia Dopant, having the Memory Gadgets hold the Dopant at bay and damage the machine as he rescues Wakana. As he escapes, the laboratory explodes, trapping the Utopia Dopant inside. Once outside, Shotaro puts Wakana down as the Xtreme Memory arrives with Phili, amazed that he did it all by himself. Their celebration is interrupted by the Utopia Dopant, asking why his plans had to be stopped. After Philip explains that he'll be there to foil it at every turn, Shotaro replies he'll never let Futo suffer as he and Philip tell Kazu to count his sins as they transform into Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker Xtreme for the final time. The Utopia Dopant tries to use their emotions to increase his powers, but Philip's final feelings to save his sister prove too much for the Utopia Dopant to absorb. The Utopia Dopant jumps into the air as Double activates the Maximum Drives of both the Prism Memory into the Xtreme Memory to deliver a Double Prism Xtreme Rider Kick. The Maximum Drive lands, overpowering the Utopia Dopant and sending him to the ground. With his transformation cancelled, Kazu gets to his feet, asking if it is a sin to love, before activating the Utopia Memory, again. However, he drops it to the ground and it breaks, before he dissolves away into nothingness. Having watched the entire fight, Ulsland deems Foundation X's study of Gaia Memories to be scrapped as she takes her leave. The Xtreme Memory gives off some green energy and Philip realizes it is time to go. After asking Shotaro not to tell Wakana about what is to happen, he prepares to remove the Xtreme Memory from the belt before Shotaro stops him, asking if he could remove it instead. With Shotaro keeping himself from crying, Philip tells him that they'll still be partner even if he is gone so long as the Earth exists. Shotaro removes the Xtreme Memory from the belt, as it and Philip dissolve away into the planet. After bringing Wakana to the hospital, with Akkiko, the informants, and the officers returned to normal, Shotaro returns to the office and opens the gift Philip left for him. Inside is the Lost Driver from the NEVER incident and Philip's book. Inside the book is a message from Philip, "Please take care of the city I love. Kamen Rider, Shotaro Hidari."