Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 49 : Goodbye to the E/A Bouquet of Justice for This City)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 49 1/2

Kamen Rider Double Ep 49 2/2

Summary : One year after Philip's merging with the true Gaia Memory, Shotaro leaves a pet shop after giving the third degree to one of its workers, for not having cat food he needed, and is followed by a young boy named Akira Aoyama who needs help finding his sister Yui who has gone missing for three days. Taking the case, and Akira with him, Shotaro goes to Watcherman and Queen & Elizabeth, learning that Yui was last seen with a gang calling themselves "EXE" who are buying Gaia Memories. Eventually, Shotaro finds gang leader Shiro Endo with five EXE members and discover that Yui is being held captive, having revealed to have a Gaia Memory that she was trying to sell to them. Endo reveals that they are taking over the Gaia Memory business in order to get someone's attention. One of his flunkies becomes the Anomalocaris Dopant, with Shotaro transforming into Kamen Rider Joker to defeat him as Endo's posse take their leave. Chasing after a frightened Akira, Shotaro explains that they are no different in being strong on their own before telling the boy to meet him at the detective agency. Later, Shotaro returns to the office, just as the Frog Pod impersonates Philip's voice for Akiko's request. Akira, prompting Akiko to explain to the boy able who Philip was. Suddenly, Akira gets a text message from Endo about his sister, asking not to get Shotaro any more involved. Akira heads to EXE's base alone, revealing that Ocean Memory was put in his bookbag by his sister. Akira and his sister run away as another EXE member transforms into the Cockroach Dopant to pursue them. However, having placed a tracking device on Akira's shoe, Shotaro arrives to their location and becomes Kamen Rider Joker to defeat the Cockroach Dopant just as Ryu takes out most of the other EXE members, allowing Akiko to get Akira and Yui to safety. After destroying the Ocean Memory and arresting the various members of EXE, Shotaro believes that everything is resolved. However, the pet shop worker from earlier arrives, revealing that he is EXE's actual leader, transforming into the Energy Dopant. After one blast from the rail gun in the Energy Dopant's arm, Shotaro falls to the ground, seemingly dead. However, the Xtreme Memory has blocked the fatal shot, just as Philip materializes from it. Philip reveals that almost a year ago, after accidentally learning that Philip sacrificed himself to save her, Wakana found a dying Shroud who gave her the means to invoke the Gaia Impact. Wakana used this opportunity to bring Philip back to life, restoring his existence by sacrificing her own. Philip is then approached by all of his family in the Gaia Library, saying their goodbyes and entrusting Futo's well being to him as they dissolve into the Gaia Memory. But as his body still needed to be fully restored, Philip watched over Shotaro from afar up until the Energy Dopant's attack. However, Shotaro and Philip's reunion is cut short by Energy as he resumes his Dopant form. Together again, Shotaro and Philip transform into Kamen Rider Double, defeating the Energy Dopant with their Joker Extreme Maximum Drive.

Finally Kamen Rider W officially end. Cant wait for next up series, Kamen Rider OOO ^_^

p/s it seem toei remove the video link..here what i found u can dl the video..hope it helps ;)

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