Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rendering Assignment

As u all know i m pursuing to 3D Animation path since last 2 years. To be honest i had made it until today i was happy wif it. Though my work is not excellent yet but at least i had make my 1st step. I need to get myself expose more to b better. Though i admit i enjoy doing 3D animation, but i have to admit there are certain part i dun reli like it. Is either i dun have talent on it or i dun have enuf practice. One of them would be rendering. I got 2 final assignment for Rendering subject.

The first 1 would be render a Car (3d model) with a scene (picture) given. I used Maya Software and basic shader to do it. Well, i knew my car is not realistic enuf. So phail

2nd was render a Restaurant-like-room. Same requirement wif d top 1, need render as realistic as possible. I m using Mental Ray with this with MIA X shader. To be honest i guess i m familiar with Maya Software more but i juz wanna give myself a try on Mental Ray.

Well, i guess i need practice more on both. I m not gonna give up yet! But in d same time i wish i could b modeler or animator.