Thursday, August 26, 2010

Testing Still Live + Strobist

i have been loving to shoot still live image alot especially foods! But i believe it wasn't easy because to make something common into interesting and uncommon. I have been spending my 2nd weeks of semester break and sad to say i only touched my camera once.

Tried to shoot still live using my tripod and my SB-600 as spot light. My SB 600 wasn't act as a spot light, but 3 spot oh well..ask me personally XP..but i guess it wasn't as successful as having 3 real flash light to trigger in the same time.

First test, having my flash act as Key light, fill light and back light. Subject, my Kamen Rider figures.

Second test, same thing, using my flash act as Key light, fill light and back light. Trying to use a subject that have some reflectivity and this is what i get.

Thirdly, i din get any satisfactory result. Thus i simply use my SB600 act as a spot light from top.

Oh, i desperately need money to gear up myself ;(..but i believe skill come first, gear are extra. Gotta train more. My hols gonna end next week. Means, gonna put aside my passion on photography a while again.