Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hennessy Artistry : Mist Edition - Friends You Know I Know

This few days was a torture. Din reli get to sleep for 2 night continuous and then got OT on saturday from 10-4pm. For those who dunno i am having my practical training (sort of intern) now. Yea, after work i went to friend house to bath and get a change then straight away went to Hennessy Artistry! This time it was happening on Mist Club!

As usual, this post is not regarding Hennessy Artistry itself, but is about my friends on that day. Enjoy :)

#1. Sara & Vic

#2. Zhao, Sophia & Ken

#3. Sophia, Sara, Vic, Zhao & Feeq

#4. Tianchad, Feeq, Joshua, Wern, Foo, Xiang & Vic

#5. Sara, Sam & Vic

#6. Lei, Devella & me

#7. Kate & me

#8. Shannon & me

#9. Michelle & me

#10. Sophia & me. Did i mention she was my guest of the night? ;P

ok party over. Back to reality world and work...pifff