Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hennessy Artistry : Mist Edition

As titled above, this is Hennessy Artistry at Mist Club that happened last sat, 18th sept. This mark the third time i in this event this year!

Before the event start we had a press conferences wif the artist. This time those who performed are ZE, DJ Inquisitive & DJ Nesh.

After the press conference over, we chill out around 1.5 hours in d club, snapping pics around. If u wanna c d pics me n my friends click here.

The event start around 10.30pm night with ZE with her dancer make the appearance.

Too bad no pics of those Dj since i dun have a zoom lens ;(. Guess is time to invest 1 cheap zoom lens. I heard there will b a last HA in this year. Still wishing a grand 1 like last year at Bukit Kiara. Lets hope so ;)


sirei said...

who's the last pic lady? M.I.A.?

Jackie Loi said...

MIA? no she is ZE haha