Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am FLY!

By the time u reading this post...the owner is FLYING!!!

ok juz kidding..i m not flying but riding a bus. Sigh, still no chance to take an air plane ;(

so where am i heading to? To Kiasuland! Singa-pore! Courtesy to Nuffnang and Maxis, i get to went to SG for 4 days 3 night and attend the F1 race, Maxis Lotus Racing!

I guess they heard my rant how much i wanna go SG again since the last trip to there for Nuffnang Awards T__T. Reli thanks alot again to Nuffnang & Maxis for giving me this opportunity. I'll try my best to get nice pics..too bad i dun have fast zoom lens as in all race are at night. Still sticking wif my fastest lens, tammy 1750. Who kind enuf borrow me Nikon 70-200mm d2.8 or Nikon 200mm f2? i belanja u chilis :D

So c u peep on mon!


Sophia Lai said...

Hahahahaha! Bribe ppl with chili's! :D

Jess said...

ahaahaha ciplak one! TIPU! we didnt fly oso :P :P :P

Jackie Loi said...

@sophia eh i dun mind ok! tat lens cost 7k and 20k individually! :D

@jess my mind and soul is fly but physically on bus T_T