Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Journey to Singapore Again day 1 : Arrival

If u look at my previous post, yes currently i at SG now! For the first time i blogging from SG! weee hahaha! This just a short post of the day 1 i went to SG together with Jess, Simon and others winner. We gathered at Maxis Tower in the early morning.

* notice d RM100 reload card? wink wink ;) *

and had a simple lunch during the break on d way to Johor.

* Chicken Rice *

We reach SG after around 6 hours of butthurt in bus. We stay in the Grand Park City Hotel. 5 Star hotel yo! i grab the opportunity to walk around and capture some pics surrounding.

* our 5 star hotel *

* Peninsula Shopping centre just right opposite the hotel. Saw d sex shop? wink wink..who wan me buy them some? :P *

* Some nice architecture building *

Well i been assigned same room with Simon.

* if u see the mistake here u'll know why our room is like tat.. *

* yea..bromance time! wtf *

Next, we are going to F1 Village on 6pm! We are going to stim and jizz our pant the whole night listening VROOOM VROOM sound from F1.

* Jess, Simon & me *

* Our Lotus team car *

To be continued...


Simon Seow said...

LOL. Bromance time. Sorry I've kicked you twice on the bed :p I didn't know.

Jackie Loi said...

muahaha long as u dun come n hug me ken liao XD