Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO (Episode 1 : Medals, Underwear, and a Mysterious Arm)

I still thinking want to put Kamen Rider OOO video in here onot. I afraid video will b removed like what happen to Kamen Rider W final episode..yes life sucks ;(..anyway do enjoy the new Kamen Rider series, OOO! The OP song is pretty good if u ask me but WBX Extreme Boiled still the best ;)..but the Henshin not bad as well. So together, we Taka Tora Bata! TaToBa TaToBa TaToBa :D

Kamen Rider OOO Ep 1 1/3

Kamen Rider OOO Ep 1 2/3

Kamen Rider OOO Ep 1 3/3

Summary : Eiji Hino is working as a part-time security guard in the Kougami Museum, but he is unknowingly drugged by two thieves posing as fellow security guards who put sleeping pills in his juice. While in the middle of robbing the artifact chamber blind, a mass of coins form into an arm that break the seal on a mysterious sarcophagus releasing four monsters. Though the Kougami Foundation attempt to bomb the museum to trap them, the monsters known as the Greeed escape and overpower a motorcycle team sent by the Kougami Foundation, while their leader Kosei Kougami decorates a birthday cake for the Greeed. Later, Eiji wakes up when a red coin, thinking it to be his pay for the job, hits him on the head. While he changes out of his work clothes, one of the walls of the buildings falls down, as he is faced by the police wearing only his underwear. After telling what had happened to him to police detective Shingo Izumi, Eiji puts on his clothes and leaves, attempting to use the strange coin in a vending machine. However, he drops the coin which rolls under the machine. A young woman named Hina Izumi helps him get the coin by lifting the machine a foot off of the ground. However, a strange disembodied arm suddenly appears, scaring Hina away and pursuing Eiji. Elsewhere, the Greeed known as Uva enters a jewelry store and approaches a woman, asking what she desires. The woman responds that she wants a particular necklace, as Uva places a strange grey coin into the back of her head, producing a mummy-like creature that proceeds to eat all of the jewelry in the store. The monster, known as a Yummy, soon transforms into a monster resembling an anthropomorphic mantis called the Kamakiri Yummy. Uva instructs for the Kamakiri Yummy to find the Greeed known as Anku and retrieve the Core Medals that he stole from him. The Kamakiri Yummy goes out and attacks anyone who gets in his way to get to Anku, who is the disembodied arm, and killing Shingo as a result. Eiji picks up Shingo's gun and tries to fight the Kamakiri Yummy. The Kamakiri Yummy retaliates, nearly throwing Eiji into a wall until Anku saves him because of his conviction to saving people. Anku introduces himself to Eiji before producing a stone artifact that the Kamakiri Yummy identifies as the seal that kept the Greeed in the sarcophagus for the past 800 years. Anku places the seal on Eiji as it turns into a strange belt. Anku instructs Eiji to place the red coin, that he calls the Taka Core Medal, into the belt's buckle, along with two more Core Medals that Anku gives to him: the yellow Tora Medal and the green Batta Medal. After the Medals are placed in the belt known as the OOO Driver, Anku takes a circular device off of the side of the belt and hands it to Eiji, calling it the O Scanner and instructing him to scan the three Medals. After the Medals are scanned, Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO. Using the Tora Claw gauntlets imbued upon him by the Tora Medal and the powerful jumping and kicking abilities imbued upon him by the Batta Medal, OOO is able to turn the tables on the Kamakiri Yummy as he bleeds Medals until the Tora Medal begins acting strangely. Anku arrives, again, with the green Kamakiri Medal that he tosses to OOO, which he switches out, transforming into Kamen Rider OOO Takakiriba. With the Kamakiri Swords, OOO delivers a powerful slash, destroying the Kamakiri Yummy as it explodes into a shower of Medals. His victory is short-lived, as he hears Shingo Izumi's phone ringing, his younger sister Hina on the other line waiting for him to pick up. Then he sees Shingo's lifeless body lifted into the air, as Anku has attached himself to the dead man and taken over his body. Nearby, the last of the Kougami Foundation's bike brigade, Shintaro Goto, opens up a can which transforms itself into a tiny bird-like robot, as do several dozen other cans, which all convene on Kamen Rider OOO and Anku. Elsewhere, Kosei Kougami decorates a new birthday cake, one for Kamen Rider OOO.

the video have been removed. Pls visit this link to dl it ;)