Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kristine Thong Farewell Party

Yesterday we did a surprise farewell party for Kristine. For your information. she is departing to UK on 18th sept to continue her study. This surprise was planned by Felix the boyfie, Melody the girlfie and Jason the brother. The party was set on lunch time at Ecoba, PJ Trade Center.

* The Ecoba *

We hide ourself and the moment she step in with her boyfie, we shout "SURPRISE!" at here. Guess whats her reaction?

* Kristine & Felix *

Oh yea she din cry. She knew our evil plan since she checked out everyone foursqaure through facebook..ouch! every1 phail! Anyway as soon as she arrived, we begin to grab our food. It was buffet style that served fried rice, fried bee hun, pasta, chicken, fish, mushroom and etc.

* Taking food *

* hehe tats what i had on my plate *

Some pic session wit her and friends ;)

* Yat, Alex, Jacq, Xiang, me & my gf. We playing monopoly deal *

* Group pic *

* Me & Mel *

* Kristine & Me *

After the makan session, Felix projected a video, a compilation of our pics and wishes to Kristine. Well, the first surprise doesnt manage to make her cry but this does the work! i wonder how many tissue been wasted. My wish to her just simple, which was "Stay Being AWESOME!"..oh i would like to add abit now.."Stay Being AWESOME BOWSOME CALCIUM" :D

* the video touched her heart *

Anyway, all the best when u go to UK. Enjoy the max there and capture more pics for us to see. Not to forget ur awesome boyfie ya ;)

* Kristine & her lovely boyfie *

Gonna miss u, oh well, 10 month very fast past only. By d time u come back i adi produce 2~3 animation haha..Hope to see u soon next year ;)

* see ya next year ;) *

p/s unable to send her off on that day but i gonna text her and wish her ;)