Saturday, September 11, 2010

大人の科学 (Otona No Kagaku)

Well, i purposely went to Kinokuniya, KLCC today just to get this thing, 大人の科学 [Otona No Kagaku] Vol 25. Well what i most interested is not the magazine itself (since i cant read japanese), but the GakkenFlex inside the magazine XP

* 大人の科学 Vol 25 *

Yes lately i have been desperate to play with a TLR. I cant afford to get myself a BlackBird Fly, thus i went to the cheapest TLR, GakkenFlex. It came together with this magazine ;)

* Love the magazine design..front cover, GakkenFlex box and the magazine *

For your information, this is a DIY version of TLR. Yes thats a fun of it! U got to assemble yourself a camera! i have been loving to play this kind of stuff since i have lego, gundam and tamiya car when i was young.

* the component *

* without the plastic *

Well, gonna show off my GakkenFlex once i done assemble it ;)


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

have fun!! watch all the tutorials you can find before starting! i did 2 mistakes. aiseh.. but anything u can ask me! xD

Jackie Loi said...

hahaha actually i done assemble it within 2 hours after i bought it i am looking for film roll wif ISO 800 XP

i even know d tricks for B shutter and hotshoe :D

frodo said...

Hi just bump across ur post while google-ing for gakken flex.
May I noe how much u bought it for?? thanks!!

Jackie Loi said...

it cost RM129 at kinokuniya