Saturday, October 02, 2010

Andrienne & Jackie Birthday Dinner

It is october babeh! time move so have been 1 month since my intern. Hows my life? still busy and dying. But I still manage to attend andrienne & jackie birthday dinner on thursday at Sunway Giza, TAO together with my yc gang ;)

* Group photo *

Andrienne was born on 2nd oct which is today and Jackie is tmrw, 3rd october. Wait who is jackie? well tats left for u to figure out who is it ;)

So this is my 3rd time come to Tao and 2nd time eat at Sunway Giza. Din shoot any food photo since i was actually late for the dinner and having gastric due to heavy jam at kota damansara. YEs i stuck there for 1 hour juz for a U-Turn to enter Sunway Giza..pifff

Nevertheless, Frank has official join the poison group! He got himself a canon 1000D. Hehe, is time to poison his mind like what i did to wailoon :P..oh well, technology move very fast..i am still drooling over D90 or D7000 but i know i'll nv get it ;(..still stick to my D60

* Fuahhh *

* People in front of my view *

It was alwiz fun hang out with this gang ;) peiying brought her bf (sorry i forgot his name! >,<) and yvonne as well (forgot his name as well). Well, gang has grown left sooyan who still havent get herself a batang *wink wink*

anyway much appreciated for the dinner coz they pay for me and Andrienne. Awesome gang rite ;)

Happy Birthday to Andrienne!


Happy Birthday to Jackie tmrw!

Love you guys ;)