Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CSL Droidpad Spice Mi700

Android OS have been running more than 3 years (i guess) and it started to get hits early this year. As u can see alot mobile brand been using it including SE, Motorola, HTC Samsung. Few of high end devices such as HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S quickly become everyone favorite.

So, a surprise here is, CSL been announced their own Android tablet few month back and it officially launch in MY now! As everyone know CSL (Commitment, Service and Loyalty) Group is a Malaysian-based group of electronics companies. It designs, manufactures and markets mobile phones, devices, netbooks, and provides wireless broadband service.

I kinda have confidence on this Malaysia brand. Afterall it is Malaysia first Internet Tablet tat running Android OS! Malaysia BOLEH! are few main attraction of this tablet.

7 inch capative touch screen tat support multitouch (i think since it can pinch n zoom), 2 camera at front and back, running Android 2.2 Fuiiyooo! i mean Froyo ;P...and i guess what attract me most was the ability to call! Just like Samsung Galaxy Tab ;D. CSL Droidpad Spice Mi700 sells for RM 1,599, and comes with 18 months warranty – 12 months standard warranty and an extra 6 months if you register your personal details with CSL.

But what what a let down on this devices was it doesnt support FLASH! Mean no facebook game ;( and some site will bring into mobile web version...In the same time it doesnt support Skype (have to pay) and Fring does not support video call. How bout 3G call? no 1 been tested yet, so yea i dunno unless u guys kind enuf borrow me to play n test XP

Here are few video of review i got from youtube. Credits to a blogger from

Well, i kinda interested wif Android tablet nowdays and i actually eye-ing on this tablet since it announced. However wif price RM1599 and wif so many limitation (no video call from fring/skype, no flash supported eventhough unconfirmed can b root onot, and not full android market support - only can see free apps) i might need reconsider of it. Unless the price was around 1k~1.2k range mayb yes, i might get it as my 2nd phone XP

But of coz, there will b more Android tablet coming soon and more choices can b make by that time :)

So, what say u? will you get this 7 inch tablet as ur internet tablet and phone?


A-Lex said...

muahahahah. i get to play it for free...

Jackie Loi said...

lansi! hmmp! nv get 1 review set for me