Monday, October 18, 2010

Fly Kite Day with ChurpChurp

Well, this event happened after the meeting with Nuffnang Gliteratti Plus. It was a saturday with beautiful blue sky and cloud. We get to play kite with other churpers inside Taylor's Uni. Yes, we play inside there, not a field =X

* Mike brought his 2 kids and a giant dragon kite *

Well, it was a nice weather (or mayb too hot) to play kite with. I have so much fun wif it. It was totally bring backs memory. I dun remember when d last time i play kite (oh wait i did i actually play kite b4?). But still, there are some first timer here such as Tim XP.

* Some kite reli can fly high! *

Abit regret for not bringing my own personal kite that reli big in size. Not cheap wither XP..

* Me and my kite *

The wind wasn't that good that day. It keep changing direction and strength. However nothing gonna stop me from playing it. I manage to fly up my kite reli high for once only. Well, it was reli fun ;D

* Shannon who refuse to play at 1st totally enjoyed herself to the max :) *

* Same goes to Tim who shout around "OMG This is more fun than Starcraft" hahaha *

Another leisure day after outing with friends on last sat at Time Square. Definitely worth my time. I seldom go out done such activities ;D..hope churpchurp have more this kind of outing in future :D

* Us *


vvens said...

hahaha i spot me! :)

Jackie Loi said...

haha yes i spot u too! ;P

Mike Yip said...

RARWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Me Dragon very the PRETTY!!!!

Jackie Loi said...

yea la very de yao yeng ;P