Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Journey to Singapore Again day 1 : Daughtry Performance & F1 Track

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Well, we are giving privileged to do and go wherever we want. The f1 practice was still early for us and performances was everywhere in the F1 Village. Jess wanted to go Missy Elliott performance but the stage was located too far from us! Thus we went to the nearest performance, Daughtry!

* Jess & me *

I am not reli a fans of them until i heard 1 of their song (which obviously i dunno what is d title hahaha) tat i heard it somewhere b4. Their music kinda rocks every1 soul. Yes i love rocks song but not too heavy type heh ;P

* Daughtry! *

* Another shot *

* Look at those fans! *

After that we went to F1 track and exposed our eyes to F1 car. It was my first time stay in close contract wif racing. Unfortunately both of us forgot to bring our ear plug and our ear was suffered and tortured by VROOM VROOM sound for the next 1 hours.

* The partial of F1 track *

* Audiences *

Sad to say tat i dun have zoom lens. I am using my little Tammy lens to shoot the whole trips. I seriously jealous looking on every photographer wif zoom lens especially most of them owned a 79-200mm f2.8 lens...sigh, same human not same life ;(

* This is the best shot i can get from my gear ;( *

* A guy wif a device for..err..i dunno for what but i think is cool LOL *

Well, this is just a practice for them on this night. More to come on the 2nd and third days. Stay tune ;)

To be continued...


Simon Seow said...

I saw some of them got headphones with radio antenna, don't no what can they be listening on.

Jackie Loi said...

oh i saw tat too haha..i guess they can hear the juruhebah talk kua