Monday, October 11, 2010

My Birthday Dinner with Family

My birthday actually already past..u know when it is if u r my friend :)..Thanks for every wishes ranging from FB, Twitter & SMS..oh and 1 of them from BBM ;P.. You know who u r ;)..

Initially there are no plan to have birthday celebration with my family. But it ended up on d day itself of my birthday my grandma came and said "I forgot today was ur birthday. I din prepare anything for u. Tmrw come popo house and eat, popo cook for u :)" Tats what she said to me. I am actually still been burdened by my project on hand but i couldn't reject my grandma offer. Thus i went to her house on following weeks.

* All my sibling and cousin. Yes majority girls *

coincidentally my uncle from NZ was coming back to visit my cousin who currently still admitted in hospital. Get to meet with my other 2 cousin who only get to meet once in a blue moon. All already grown up and shy..owh have to admit old ;(

* Looking back old album. Those pics sure bring back memories *

* The one who love to camwhore *

Nth fancy, just a simple celebration from family. And somehow i alwiz feel paiseh when ppl did a birthday party/celebration for me. oh well..

* Now u know how old i am..sigh *

* Me & popo *

* Family portrait *

Anyway, thanks to every1 wishes again. I will work hard to achieve my dream!