Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Chapter of Journey Called Jloi Begin!

So, if u access to my blog now u might notice something changes..what is it? YES IS THIS! A New Journey Called Jloi ;D

well as i mention previously i got myself a domain and hosting. however somethings happen wif my hosting site thus currently i just using my domain and appoint it to my blogspot. Yea i m still using my blogspot.

Will settle my hosting stuff once i am free. Abit more and i going to enjoy my hols. Might run around n take pics after tat..to fill in the blank what i have left this few months.

I am happy tat i finally got myself a domain. Been blogging for more than 7 years and i never expect myself to made such decision. I guess thanks to some1 who influence me. U know who u r ;P..

and yes, thanks for Dusty help as well in setup my domain stuff..i have 0 knowledge on this..too bad


Seraph said...

awesome stuff bro :)

FeeQ said...

Yeah!!! Congrats bro!

Jackie Loi said...

@sam heh thx dude ;P

@feeq yay telima kasehh ;D