Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Open Meeting

I attended the meeting last sat. It was my first time been in Taylor's uni since d meeting was set to b there. Fetch Joshua & Shannon to there. Appreciated Shannon to b my live navigator on that day.

* The crowd *

Well, i wun touch in details what d meetings is about. Basically it mention the privileged for being G+ bloggers as well as the criteria to join in. Of coz it is not a must stuff, is depend individually :)..

* That's Tim for u *

* With Shaz *

being in Nuffnang for around 2 years, i would said i never regret. I love this community, i love their awesome nuffies :)..and i love my life being blogger that able to meet up wif difference ppl during events.

* Partial friends i meet through blogging *

After the meeting a bunch ppl went to Wong Kok Restaurant to celeb Joshua birthday. Yeap his bday was on that day itself :). Of coz we get free huge giant tea for d birthday boy XP

* The birthday boy *

* Group pic *

* Another pic of SS *

Next we followed the bunch to tour Taylor's. Basically i prefer walk and tour alone but i guess i am too lazy that time. I guess thanks to my assignment..

* Group pic with Nuffnangers *

Anyway, hope my status can change to G+ soon :). Oh i got myself a domain as well but i m too bz to settle wif it now..mayb in few days later :)