Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Other Guys Premier Screening

Courtesy to Shannon, i get to watch this movie before it release ;P. Feel so bad to keep bug her bring me for some screening..hehe sorry ya, gonna buy u Tuna as reward ;D

Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) are partnered NYPD detectives who work in the forensic accounting department and rarely see any action. Gamble is more than happy with his job while Hoitz has been assigned against his will after a public incident with his quick trigger finger. They idolise the city's top cops Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and Manzetti (Samuel L. Jackson), but when an opportunity arises for Gamble and Hoitz to step up, things do not quite go as expected.

This movie remind me 1 of the movie i watch last time. Couldn't remember wat is the title. I guess nowdays hardly get a movie tat out of the box. Nevertheless, is still entertaining to watch. I love all the lame joke in this movie. 1 of my fav would b the fish & lion joke hahaha..Abit disappointed that Dwayne Johnson just appear for not more than 15 min in the whole movie. Not gonna spoil it what happen but it was a funny way how they get their last scene in d movie :D

Well, it still entertaining and good for stress release which i m facing it everyday now. Catch it out at cinema from tmrw onwards! ;D