Sunday, October 24, 2010

When Shit Happened..

Recently "Shit Always Happen" had become a magic words for all of us, 3D Animation student. But of coz, for me this magic word only appear for last minute work or un-organized animation files which lead d problem b4 compilation. But now God have prove me wrong here..

* I opened up my HD to figure out the shit happen... *

My External Harddisk who worked hard together wif me and have become a middle man in between my home PC and Studio PC finally koed. Thanks god i got backup at studio and home pc, but i lost a middle man to help me transfer file now ;(..

* The usb port loose out from the chip board *

* The original location for the usb port *

I hope by patri it back (any1 willing to help me do it?) can fix the problem. What i afraid was all my precious photo and 3D work gone ;(..

So i would said yes, SHIT ALWAYS HAPPEN. I even face a biggest shit in my life now which i dowan to mention is so unpredictable..


Mr Lonely said...

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sleeper said...

hey jLoi, u k de.. u k fight win all the shit ..

we human, always feel good after shit, so, ntg to wry.. just move forward..