Friday, October 08, 2010

Whose Life to FUCK AGAIN!?

guess who is back? Yes is my Myvi!! :D :D :D..finally she is back after from the serious accident last 2 months. Below is the recaps on what happen back then

i just collected it back from workshop last nite. Wif full of joy and happiness, i drove her to my Studio this morning. And unfortunate stuff happen...;(

i was stuck in Jam in MRR2 this morning and some bitch dick who drove a kancil come n bang me...

So, will u ever can bang someone when u r stuck in jam? when car move not even more than 20km/h? diu this felor reli genius la...i salute him!

though is not a serious bang, but still heartache. I got back my baby Vivi not even 24 hours and something happen to her again ;(..but imagine if i m not driving my vivi but my uncle atos, d 1 kena bang will b d atos and not my vivi..

so, FUCK MY LIFE again!!! PIFFFF


Matjoe said...

hahahaha, sell the car, try suzuki alto

stephy-nie said...

ZOMG why so swey wan you? @@ *pas head* kesian betul

Jackie Loi said...

@joe takde duit ahhhhhh..boleh sponsor? :D :D

@stephy need tong kai wan san liao haha

Jeffro said...

This is confirm can claim that fella's insurance! Hope you did that!

Jackie Loi said...

@jeffro haha adi did :) LOLL