Monday, November 29, 2010

Cravings Kitchen & Bistro @ Sunway Giza

Went to have dinner with YY last nite at Cravings Kitchen & Bistro. It was located in Sunway Giza. The main purpose i went this restaurant it to challenge their 12" Monster Burger!

Read few review on this food itself and some said not bad some said nth special. Some people even bring their own ruler to measure whether is it 12". Well i dun do tat but i assuming it wasn't exactly 12" by looking on it =X

I'll say they pump up the height using tomato and cucumber. Each intersect layer they'll have cucumber, tomato and vegie inside LOL..yes they only have 4 types of meat (2 ham,beef, chicken and fish), 1 egg, 2 cheese and 2 hashbrown. D rest is vegie and 2 bread LOL. Well i believe i can finish d whole thing my own but i did share everything half wif YY last nite.

It cost RM30 for ala carte. Reasonable? is up to u to judge it :)

p/s sorry for the screw up white balance..lalalala

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Guinness @ Malones

Merry Guinness! HOHOHO! Last Thurs, 25th Nov we celebrate Christmas with the Guinness® Way! We celebrate at Malones Iris Restaurant and Bar.

First brewed in 1759, GUINNESS® has a rich and enduring heritage. Having been in South East Asia for more than 100 years, the drink is today brewed in 51 countries and sold in 151 countries. GUINNESS® has over 85% share of the stout market in Malaysia.

* Emcee of the night *

* Mr. Mark Jenner, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad *

* Mr. Mark Jenner and Mr. Peter Khemlani (Right), Marketing Manager of GUINNESS® *

There were variety of food served on that night. Unfortunately i wasn't in the mood to eat.

Two performances was held to entertain the crowd. Live band and Magic Show.

And of coz, not gonna miss up this awesome celebration wif friends ;)

* with Shannon *

* With Chris *

* With Audrey & YuenYee *

* Group photo *

Final say, Merry Guinness everybody!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Heineken Thirst Godskitchen Boombox Preview Party

Last Tues, 23rd Nov I went to Heineken Thirst Godskitchen Boombox Preview Party. The winner for Found @ Thirst was announced on that day itself.

And there we have 4 (1 of them not attending) finalist of Found @ Thirst. I guess u'll know who is the winner :). Is DJ Phil K Lee! :D

He did some amazing performance to everyone on that night itself.

Some pics with friend ;)

* With Tian Chad & Michelle *

* Michelle, Wen & Jing *

* Group Pic *

For your information, Heineken Thirst Godskitchen Boombox will be coming On 4 Dec! Here is the details :

Date: Saturday December 4th 2010.
Time: 6.00pm onwards.
Venue: Welcome Centre, Sepang International Circuit (SIC)
Tickets: Pre-Sale RM78 (Heineken Members) RM88 (Non-Members)
On the Door RM108

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale 3D Premier Screening

Date : 24 November 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : Cathay Cineleisure

Courtesy to YY & Nuffnang, i get to watch Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale in 3D a day before it release in Malaysia.

"Rapunzel" is an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents' castle as a baby, Rapunzel is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit. With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair... lots of hair.

Well what can i say? Thumb up to Disney for creating another fairy tale story for us! Yes i would said this is a typical disney style of movie tat contain singing, prince & princes, witch a like villain and funny looking animal! :D..this movie reli bring me back to childhood. Anyway, a very nice movie wif nice rendering, fur animation and of coz, nice story line ;)..however the character tat appeal me most is not Rapunzel, but the horse, Maximus! :D..he is so goddamn adoreable! awwwww i wouldnt mind get him as my horse :D :D

Rapunzel is release in Malaysia now. If u like disney movie, feel free to watch it now ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Social Network Premier Screening

Date : 22 November 2010 (Monday)
Time : 9.00pm
Venue : GSC @ Mid Valley

Courtesy to Yat and Nuffnang, i get to watch The Social Network earlier than most ppl! haha

The story behind the massive social networking site Facebook gets the big-screen treatment with this Columbia Pictures production scripted by The West Wing's Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher ("The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"). The film focuses on Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg's (Jesse Eisenberg) ladder to the top after creating one of the biggest Internet sensations. Justin Timberlake co-stars as Napster co-creator Sean Parker, with Andrew Garfield filling the role of ousted Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

I would said it has an interesting story plot. Though starting it was full wif geek talk and programming language, but trust me, u wun feel left out what is it ;). Some might felt this movie is pretty inspiring. Well facebook, who dun addict to facebook nowdays? even some parent also using facebook. Oh well, social network are expanding now especially with the existing of twitter, webo and so on.

Movie will b official release in Malaysia for 2nd Dec :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash @ Curve!

Still remember the post i made earlier? Yes! It is here! TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash was happening on last sun, 21st at the curve! It was TM Every Connects 1st birthday for your information ;)

Few activities and games was prepared on that day for everyone!

In the same times, performance and prizes was prepared as well by TM Every Connects.

The Emcee of the days was none other than DJ from FlyFM, Ben and Hunny Madu! In the Same time the main highlight performance artist was Bunkface, one of the ambassador for TM Everyone Connects! One of the member actually challenge Hunny Madu for Jamming Garage.

In addition, a big cake was prepared to celebrate TM Everyone Connects Birthday! All of us sing along and wish TM Every Connects a Happy Birthday!

Next, Summer Ash as one of the TM Everyone Connects ambassador challenge 3 participant in Sudden Attack game. FYI, Don't let Summer Ash sweet looking fool you! She was a pro gamer. It was an exciting gameplay of coz ;)

Finally, the main highlight and final performance of the Birthday Bash was by Bunkface! A great show indeed but i think the stage was too small for them to rock around!

For more info, you may login to TM Everyone COnnects new portal at . There is a new features in this web such as Open House, Sini Maa, Jamming Garage, EC Hall of Fame and The Stadium.

Lastly, TM Everyone Connects brings everyone to connect, communicate and collaborate!