Monday, November 01, 2010

Digi Angels Internet Gathering @ Grand Modesto's

Last friday i attended a Digi Angels Internet Gathering @ Grand Modesto's. Digi is alwiz generous enuf to have a gathering wif us, bloggers once in a while :D. Not only we get to eat free food, we get to enjoy some games and win prizes.

* Jeng jeng jeng *

* Robb giving opening speech *

* Followed by Tim *

Here are some foods pic from Grand Modesto's. I'll say it was awesome ;D

In the same time, iPhone 4 winner was announced on that night itself. If u dunno it was a contest run by Digi & Nuffnang on last month that divided into 4 part. Well, i wasn't lucky enuf to b selected into semi finalist. I guess i need polish up my creativity skill. Anyway, congrate to WeiJie who won the iPhone 4. He was all d way from Johor to attended this gathering ;D

* Ho Wei Jie, the iPhone 4 contest winner..jealousss *

* He introducing himself to every1 *

There are some ice breaker game where v form a group of 6 ppl and make a pose wif the given phones. Oh well, obviously i alwiz no luck when come to games. There are also a games called "Digi Yellow Me" where the highest score will automatically win a prizes.

* The best team for pose *

* Playing "Digi Yellow Me" game *

* Group tat won "Digi Yellow Me" game *

* Group that won fastest twitter game *

Heh din take much pics on tat night but manage to camwhore wif some friends ;)

* with Jamie *

* With Nicholas, Jacq & Alex *

* With Yen *

* With mua sayang again, Shannon *

* Bloggers that attended the gathering *

Remember all the phones pics i put on top earlier? Digi was generous enuf to give out all the phones to some blogger for a review. Well, i was lucky enuf to be selected as 1 of the reviewer..but...oh well, i dunno what i gonna do it wif my BB twins hahaha

* BB Bold2 *

* Meet my BB Twins *

Since i never did a Bold2 review b4, i'll go on wif it this time. So just stay tune on it since being a Bold2 user for few months is good enuf to share my experience on it ;)


HitoMi Ng said...

wah, so nice got BB twin >.< poor me, my BB died

Jackie Loi said...

lol come come i sell to u..1.3k :D :D hahaha

sleeper said...

where is ur review~~ haha.

Jackie Loi said...

kambing kambing ;P

JAI said...

Wahh..sei lorrrr.takde harapan lorr if Jloi review BB Bold 9700..hehe..gud luck bro

Jackie Loi said...

@jai oi takde harapan as in i no hope to review it good izzit? haha jk ;)

thx bro..u too :D