Monday, November 08, 2010

Digi Blackberry Bold 2 : Unboxing and Specification

As u all know i got myself a review set of BB Bold 2 at here, thus here is my first post of the review. This post just a simple unboxing and specification of Blackberry Bold 2.

Here are the general specification of Blackberry Bold 2. Adapted from

Key features:

* 2.44" 65K-color TFT landscape display with a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels
* Comfortable four-row full QWERTY keyboard
* Quad-band GSM support and tri-band 3G with HSDPA
* Wi-Fi and built-in GPS and BlackBerry maps preloaded
* 3.15 autofocus megapixel camera, LED flash
* 624 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM
* BlackBerry OS v5
* Responsive trackpad navigation
* Hot-swappable microSD card slot (up to 16GB)
* DivX and XviD video support
* Good web browser
* Office document editor
* 3.5 mm audio jack
* Decent audio quality
* Smart dialing
* Great battery life
* More compact body and lighter weight compared to the Bold 9000
* Good build quality

However, nothing is perfect in this world. They are some disadvantages for this devices too.

Main disadvantages:

* Many features are locked without a BlackBerry Internet Service account (plan)
* Mediocre camera performance and features
* No FM radio
* No video-call camera
* No TV-out functionality
* No built-in accelerometer
* No built-in compass

Yes sadly, u need BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) to fully make ur Blackberry worth the value. You can get BIS in any specific Telco. For my case, i am a Digi user and been using their BIS services for few months. Reason why Digi? coz it was unlimited internet with 1 price! I dun need to worry will exceed the quota ;P. If u wanna compare Telco price, i did a chart at here (package might be difference now) not long ago and if u wanna c Maxis VS Digi experience, u may visit Jess post at here.

Well, anyway i did a video for unboxing the BB Bold 2! Hope u guys enjoy ;D

More review to come later ;)


sleeper said...

nice un-boxing. looks cool when the video come to the end, see u scroll here and there, haha.

k see u r putting effort on this un-boxing and simple review.


Matjoe said...

more review please. dgi plan sounds great

Jackie Loi said...

@leichai LOL tq ;P

@joe yeap done another and final 1 :)