Saturday, November 13, 2010

Digi Pimp My Music Party!

Yes! It is time to Pimp My Music Party again! Courtesy of Digi and Nuffnang of course ;)..i still remember i attended this one crazy party last year (link)!

So the purposes of this event this time is because DiGi is launching the DiGiMusic PLAY app for the iPhone user!! It’s Malaysia’s first unlimited music download application, giving DiGi iPhone users to download as much music as they like in low rate ;D how much d rate? chill and u'll figure it soon from this post :)

We are required to dress up as any artist we like actually and the best dressed blogger will walk away home with an iPhone 3Gs :D..that night is totally heaven for me coz i met alot artist! Me? i came as JackieLoi. Who is JackieLoi? go ask will ya ;)

* Michellezyenn and Justin Nichlerlake *

* with Shannon Swift from Taylor LOL *

* With Jessy Gaga *

* With err..err...Jamie? *

* With one of the female from Wonder Girl, Nicole i think :P *

* With Adamn Robbert *

As usual, Robb Ah Dumb Lambat Adamn Robbert gonna emcee for Digi event and follow on by one of the Digi staff to talk about the DigiMusic PLAY apps featured. According to them, Blackberry, Android and even Window Mobile 7 user will get the apps as well in future! woops!

* Adam Robbert as emcee *

* there u go, RM5/ month yo! *

Next is a games among bloggers. Music will be played and they required to dance. Once the music stop, they need to stop moving and the best pose will walk away with prize. Isn't it i alwiz said Digi is very generous? ;) *wink wink*

* Round 1 *

* Round 2 *

* Round 3 *

Later is a twitter session again. First 3 who tweet fastest the answer for the question given by Robb Ah Dumb Lambat Adam Robbert will get the prize.

* The 3 winner. They muz have tweet more than me..piff *

Finally will b the session waited long by everyone! The best dressed among bloggers. Digi has pick 4 best dressed among us. However only one person can walk away with the iPhone 3Gs.

* Jessy Gaga, Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga #1 and Marilyn Manson *

Thus, they are required to do some performance to entertain us win the judges heart.

* Elvis Presley with his guitar! *

* Marilyn Manson with the soul of rock! *

* Lady Gaga #1 with the dance *

* Jessy Gaga with remix singing *

And later on, Lady Gaga #1 and Marilyn Manson stay on the stage and continue performing to grab the iPhone 3Gs.

* Who will be PK? *

And the winner goes to...

* Oh yes, Lady Gaga #1! Gaga enuf rite? *

It was one heck awesome nite for all bloggers. They get to enjoy eating and dancing not to mention, getting prizes back home. Now, i wan an iPhone too for the awesome DigiMusic PLAY apps! Rawrrr *pray pray*

* Artist line up group pic ;) *