Sunday, November 21, 2010

Secret Garden

Last sat went to shooting with Frank at Secret Garden, One Utama. It was my first time here and i dun even know the existence of this garden in One Utama. In addition, this will be out first time shooting together since he got himself a camera.

I dun reli like to shoot flower. Ya i m a boring guy LOL..thus i din shoot much and tried to get best shoot in minimal shutter spam. Mayb i m more particular on composition than macro shoot all at once.

Well, C&C is alwiz welcome :)..might plan to invest on Tamron SP90 as my christmas present soon! woops!


sirei said...

to be honest, the pictures are quite boring(composition), the colors u should touch up a bit

Jackie Loi said...

ya i do admit it suck =X
not good in shooting product/flower/landscape yet.
btw i din touch up d color coz i dowan make it to vivid..prefer what i shoot what i get LOL