Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash @ Curve!

Still remember the post i made earlier? Yes! It is here! TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash was happening on last sun, 21st at the curve! It was TM Every Connects 1st birthday for your information ;)

Few activities and games was prepared on that day for everyone!

In the same times, performance and prizes was prepared as well by TM Every Connects.

The Emcee of the days was none other than DJ from FlyFM, Ben and Hunny Madu! In the Same time the main highlight performance artist was Bunkface, one of the ambassador for TM Everyone Connects! One of the member actually challenge Hunny Madu for Jamming Garage.

In addition, a big cake was prepared to celebrate TM Everyone Connects Birthday! All of us sing along and wish TM Every Connects a Happy Birthday!

Next, Summer Ash as one of the TM Everyone Connects ambassador challenge 3 participant in Sudden Attack game. FYI, Don't let Summer Ash sweet looking fool you! She was a pro gamer. It was an exciting gameplay of coz ;)

Finally, the main highlight and final performance of the Birthday Bash was by Bunkface! A great show indeed but i think the stage was too small for them to rock around!

For more info, you may login to TM Everyone COnnects new portal at http://www.everyoneconnects.net . There is a new features in this web such as Open House, Sini Maa, Jamming Garage, EC Hall of Fame and The Stadium.

Lastly, TM Everyone Connects brings everyone to connect, communicate and collaborate!