Sunday, December 12, 2010

Andes Byo

WARNING : Below all pics is non-halal food, which is PORK. Read on ur own risk :)

Went to had dinner wif YY, Joe & Bala yesterday at Andes Byo that located at Aman Suria. I heard alot positive review on their pork burger. This gonna be my second time having pork burger in my life. Beside pork burger, they have other style pork cooking as well. :)

and this are what we ordered

* Porky Pork Grill with Spaghetti *

* Aussie Bacon Burger Wrap *

* Close up *

* Pork Burger *

Basically the Aussie Bacon with normal Pork Burger is the same. Just have extra Bacon inside :) To be honest the pork burger meat is very thick. A person who had tiny mouth like me impossible can fit in. Well good for Joe who can do it!

I'll say the pork burger was nice ;D. At first i tod d meat gonna be very hard but ended up it is soft. Not to mention it kinda juicy and covered by cheese as well ;D. It totally worth the money, RM12.90 for that set.

i guess i shud hunt and organize more pork burger hunting in future ;D. Gonna create a new label called #K-Pork Gang AKA #KP Gang in my blog :)

p/s : K not stand for Korea XP


sirei said...

oo! thanks for the info :)
the food looks damn nice!

next time u should try Betty's Midwest Kitchen too, at aman suria pun

Jackie Loi said...

yayyy it is damn nice and cheap! :D

oh what they specialty? pork burger also? will note it down ;D

sirei said...

pork burger and pork chops, don't forget to try the dog food!

Jackie Loi said...

nani? dog food way mannn!!