Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lelio Popo Movie

Went to watch this movie last nite wif YY at Time Square. Well, i alwiz support local movie :D..chinese movie only i mean hahaha

Jiang Man Da (KK) and Lu Ye Chang (Luke) are the most famous and popular radio deejays. However, they have a bad attitude and ego to deal with. One day, they are being fired by their superior and ended up being shunned off by all the other major radio stations as well. Out of job and down-and-out for several months, they decided to attend a public audition for radio deejays at a new radio station. Jiang Man Da and Lu Ye Chang are surprised to see many old ladies applying for the job. It turned out that the radio station is actually looking for 2 "Ah Po" (old lady) deejays for a new show. They then disguise themselves as old ladies and got the job. Their momentum as the "PoPo" deejays builds up and that is when the fun begins.

What can i say about this movie? from d first time i watch d trailer it doesnt impressed me enuf. Later i saw few my friends watch it and review it was funny and good. Thus i went to give it a try. Ended up it wasn't as funny as i expected. But there are few vulgar words and yellow joke inside. According to YY "Jiang Man Da" means asshole and "Lu Ye Chang" mean penis. True? i dunno ;P

Story line wise i'll said okok. Not much epic,climax and suspense scene. However there is alwiz a moral value to learn from a local production movie ;) In term of make up and transform them into granma, i guess no one can beat Alan Tham in We Are Family (我爱医家人) movie! hahaha

Watch this movie in cinema if u love comedy and wanna relax urself ;)


TiMmiE said...

how many stars do u rate this movie? i'm thinking of giving it a try. help me ^^

Jackie Loi said...

i would say 3/5 :)