Saturday, December 18, 2010

My First Attempt to Jogoya Restaurants

Believe it onot? i never been into Jogoya in my whole life. Not until last thurs i went there with YY and other bloggers. Yes it was sort of a mini gathering and I get to know 3 new friends. Well, somehow i wasn't excited or hyped up about it..coz i know it gonna cost a bomb on my wallet T_T

And this is what i got throughout the whole night (Dun remember d exact name for everything ) :

* Sushi Aka Japanese style *

* Meat AKA Chinese style *

* Some hotdog and snail *

* Alaska Cod Fish *

* Lamb! :D *

* Lobster *

* Haagen Daaz Ice Cream! *

Yes definitely all the food i took and ate that nite doesnt worth wif what i paid. But i m not reli impressive wif the food they have. Yes they have alot variety but it doesnt suit my taste it seem. I guess i still prefer the cheaper buffet such as TAO.

Nevertheless, as human we alwiz have first time in everything :)

* Me, YY, Jess, Tikkos, Chuen & Simyee *


y--square said...

It's Häagen-Dazs dude!

TikkoSS said...

still craving for nice food.. hahaha.. miss the moment when i slide the haagen dazs in my mouth.. :P

Jackie Loi said...

@yy changed :P

@tikkoss LOL sound so wrong man :P