Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Part Time Working Experience

It have been almost a month since i work my part time. Unfortunately i have to stop it on last friday due to unable to commit too much work. Mind you, i have holiday assignment need to be complete before my new sem started. Life sucks huh? :(

Nevertheless i never regret on working at Nuffnang. It was actually a pretty easy job for me. But being working on easy job means not exciting and challenging. It just a pretty plain work like ppl who work in office from 9-5. Thanks God I was place to sit on same table together with awesome colleagues, Blogger Relationship table!

I would say everyone in the office is awesome and funny ;). For example Robb who love to bomb the toilet and will announced it happily to everyone, publicly..

For some reason Michelle love to poke my back whenever she pass by my place. But I am sad she gonna replace me with her pillow once I am gone T_T

Fresh who really work hard everyday once in a while will do pretty funny action.

Best quote from her ever that i still remember is "I dunno her (refer to Anita Mui) coz she is chinese!" Oh well, Fresh with her only ang moh

It is sad that it just a short moment working in Nuffnang. But i do learn something new there :)..Gotta miss u all!

And yes miss u too stupid pumpkin face tat alwiz laugh whenever i drop my stuff on the floor -___-

p/s hope i wun get kill for the ugly drawing and illustration T3T


Robb said...

This is damn awesome!!!

fresh said...

HAHAHAHAHA WADDAFAK why you remember that quote of all my genius quotes!!

aiyooooo we all miss you toooo if you're free again kam back okay!

michellezyenn said...

Damn cute la eeeyerrrrrr! Almost as cute as you! :P

Jackie Loi said...

@robb @fresh @michelle

weee miss u guyssss :D :D..yes will kam bek when i am free :D :D