Friday, December 03, 2010

Nokia OVI Workshop

I attended Nokia OVI Workshop at KDU College yesterday courtesy of Nuffnang.

* Nokia N8 *

* I miss Angry Bird game :( *

The workshop is to introduce a new wizard app known as Nokia’s Ovi App Wizard! So what is this Nokia’s Ovi App Wizard? It basically an app for your blog! With that app, users of Nokia can get update of your blog in a fastest way and they'll never miss it! Or i'll say it is more or less like a RSS Feed.

* Robb *

* Elliot Renton from Nokia Team *

Thanks to Mr Elliot Renton who explain to us everything and step by step tutorial on how to create the app. Unfortunately, we bloggers who depend on KDU wifi unable to follow his tutorial due to some misfortune scene happened.

Nevertheless, you might be wondering where to get the app once we done it? Of coz from the nokia fehmes store, Ovi Store! To be honest i did my own blog app few months back. Thus my blog app was actually already in Ovi Store for a period of time.

If u r my reader and owned a Nokia phone that supported Ovi Store, dun hesitate! Just download it into your phone now and u'll get my blog update whenever and wherever u r ;D. Just click here or here to download it or visit Ovi Store and search for an app "A Journey Called Jloi" and u'll find my app ;) not to mention, it is FREE OF CHARGE ;D

* Me & gf, YY *