Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Practical Training Outcome

Yosh! I just done my so called internship (or practical training) last 2 weeks. Finally the nightmare is end (just end for 2 weeks). Currently i am working part time in Nuffnang.

Kuala Lumpur, 06 Oct 2010 - UCSI University’s School of Design is set to catapult itself into the Malaysian film industry after its lecturer, Leroy Fong Kien Ynn won an award from the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) worth RM15,000 to produce a short film entitled “Treasure Hunt.”

Fong’s proposal for the film, which captures the essence of Malaysia and its people, while using local talents met all the guidelines set by FINAS, whose mission is to promote, protect and facilitate the development of the local film industry.

Designed for an advertising promotional spot format, Fong’s film will feature children of various races overcoming their differences and working together in order to obtain a treasure chest. “The film is light-hearted to deliver the message of unity, with the treasure chest representing the unity in Malaysia.” Fong says.

Staff at the University’s School of Design will be part of the creative and artistic force to direct the film, with the students becoming part of the production team. “I will be working closely with the students to oversee the project as its director while assisting the students in production techniques and providing them technical support.” Fong clarified that the students will however, be given the freedom to creatively express their “voice” throughout the filming process.

Working together to develop this short film will provide students from the School of Design, specifically the 3D animation students, industry experience to their classroom lessons. “This project will ensure them a real time project with real time deadline, while also benchmarking their skills in the industry. I believe that this project, and many more to come, will enhance student experience studying the 3D animation programme at the University,” Fong says.

The School of Design, under the University Faculty of Music, Social Sciences and Design, has grand plans to further strengthen their relationship with the industry in Malaysia through studio visits, and having more industry talks and participation in other competitions and awards.

Well what i can say is, the nightmare is finally over! But i never expect we actually get paid for it..teehee ;P

Yes RM800 only. Not much but i m happy wif it. Afterall it was my first time get paid by doing 3D design. Oh i cant publish the video in here yet since it wasn't official broadcast on TV. Guess gotta wait till it out ;D