Sunday, December 19, 2010

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

I dine in this restaurant together with YY after attending Comic Fiesta at Berjaya Time Square. There are few outlet of Purple Cane and we went to the nearest 1, Shawn Parade. It has a nice concept of interior design. From what i have been inform, all their specialty dishes are mix with tea. I assume it is healthy?

* The interior *

* Tea *

Well, being into nice environment and romantic feel, this restaurant actually ruined me and YY mood. They mess up our ordered and cause us waited for almost 1 hours before we get all our dishes. People who came in later than us also done with their dinner and we 2 starving like mad until we complained twice to the boss.

Since there are only 2 of us, we actually ordered 3 dishes 1 soup :

* Prawn Salad with Green Tea *

* Homemade Braised Beancurd in Tea Sauce *

* Pan Fried Egg with Anchovies & Tea Mild *

* Chicken Ginseng Soup *

I'll say yes their food are nice. Thumb up to them! But service? mayb it only sucks to me coz it doesnt happen to other customers. So, i guess i have a face problem. Nevertheless, the boss apologized to us few times and even discount 10% in our bill. At least better than nth rite? but still our dinner mood was ruined.