Sunday, December 05, 2010

WANTED : New Blog Layout!

WANTED! Have you seen this 4 felor!?

We believe this 4 suspect including their transporter already invaded to "A Journey Called Jloi" blog!! They called themselves as Mafia Raida! A new mafia group that form to bully and threaten small kid!

Here are the list of the members in Mafia Raida!

As you can see, they already invaded "A Journey Called Jloi" header! I believe they'll b here for a long period of time until jackieloi decided to remove and lock them out!

p/s ok ignore all d craps. Anyway this is my new blog layout ;). What do u think?


lyCayenne said...

omg. i can't believe u finally change to white background!! bravo. very nice! :D

Baby said...

i like your new header

Jackie Loi said...

@cayenne heh yea wanna try white bg since previously i keep using dark bg.teehee tq ;)

@baby tq :D :D

Taufulou said...

nice blog layout eh!

Jackie Loi said...

@ah bok teehee tq ;P

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