Saturday, December 31, 2011

NAPBAS After party & Chill Out Session

The event is not end! We went to the after party at Zouk on that night itself after NAPBAS2011. Pretty tired and exhausted, thus i din reli party nor drink. Just sit down, chit chatting and enjoying the night.

* Jolyn facial FTW already *

* Deary, Jolyn & Ken *
* Mijel, Nic, Joshua & Tiffanie *
* With the love *

Went to the chill out session with all foreign bloggers on the next day at G Tower, Roofview. Oh reli FML coz only me and my deary from Malaysia..uhhh feel like shrinking smaller and smaller again being small toufu there. Nevertheless, i have fun enjoying the view with deary there.

* Blogger mountain, blogger sea *
* one of the best German beer ever *
* Guess who is this hot lady? *
* my gf of coz! *
* Finally, a picture with Hong Peng *

It was a great event that everyone looking forwards. Now, lets wait another 2 years for the next NAPBAS ;)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 also known as NAPBAS for short form was held on last 2 friday at Putrajaya Marriott. For us, this awards is just too awesome to do not miss it. If you are my readers since the blog was born, you know i haven been to the very first NAPBAS back to last 2 years at Singapore. The memories and fun time there is still clearly in my head ;) So this year, I am lucky to get invited to the 2nd NAPBAS!

* Ta daa *

Being held in KL this round, we are proud and welcoming bloggers around few regions to here. Honestly, when attending this awards, it just make me feel like i am actually a little toufu among the crowds..oh well, i am alwiz X)

* Some performance before the event started *
* Both Nuffnang co-founder, Ming & Tim *

Glad to see my gang around there. As usual, pics session with them ;)

* Deary and me. Ppl go visit her blog! *
* With Jolyn, all the way fly from Penang! *
* Kahmon, YY and me *
* With Kahmon. Why suddenly she so tall 1? *
* Camwhore #likeaboss *
* Cindy why u no short! *
* Another crazy gang - Glow, Isaac, Jayren, Jiayeen & Kahmon *
* JQ & Michelle *
* with Jiayeen *
* Another group..ok too much to list out T3T *
* Ken, Suefei with Dusty as photobomb *
* Awesome people at my table *
* With Jamie *
* U all know who is him, Jian *
* With Suefei *
* With Diese *
* 3 Musketeers Mosquito! Sam & Ken *
* With Mijel *

We are served by a very nice fine dining as well. Pretty remind me last 2 years NAPBAS food.

* Mediterranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dessing on Crispy Lettuce *
* Puree of Split Pea Soup with Herb Twist *
* Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint *
* Pan-fried Dory Fillet with Spicy Peach Sauce *
* Pitachio Crumbed Baked Chicken Supreme with Thyme Gravy served with Lasagna Potatoes & Garden Green Vegetables *
* Tiramisu in Chocolate Chip with Strawberry & Vanilla Sauce *

*drum roll* here we go, the winner for the awards! All their hard work blogging get paid on this awards. Congratulation to them! *sigh wonder when is my chance getting up the stage X) *

* Win or not, you guys are the cheampion in your own heart *

Thumb up to all the hard work from KL Nuffies to make this event into success. The only thing i dislike is just i spend in jam for the freaking 2 hours to reach the hotel ;/ my mood was totally kill off. Nevertheless, great companions and deary was there for me on that night :)

* Everybody on that night *

I would love to go next NAPBAS! Lets pray it happen at Hong Kong! weeeeee!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Win your Exclusive Passes to Hennessy V.S.O.P. Privilege Collection NyX

Oh wow Hennessy NyX is here! this time around it gonna be at secret location where it will be only reveal when you attend it!

The Hennessy Privilege NYX Collector bottle is smooth with cool design where it shown infinity imagination and conjures the endless possibilities when exploring the unknown or crafting the perfect night out.

Here are the details :

Date: 5th of January 2012
Time: 8.30P.M.
Venue: Secret Location in Mid Valley Megamall (By Invitation ONLY!!!)

Oh wait, you realize it only by invitation to attend this awesome party. So how to get invitation? You get it! Join Hennessy Malaysia facebook page contest and stand a chance to win yourself money can't buy passes! You might stand a chance to win limited edition Hennessy V.S.O.P. NyX 70CL Bottle as well!

You can visit Hennessy V.S.O.P NYX Concept Space in Mid Valley (East Entrance Atrium)
from 2nd – 10th January 2012.

For more info feel free to check up Hennessy Malaysia facebook.

See you all there ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Ever wonder who are the best friend for SIRI, in iPhone 4S?

I am pretty sure alot people gonna answer this.

However, I still believe Digi is a clear winner for me because of reliability.

So, i accepted the challenge to investigate who are the best partner for SIRI.

And this is what i did.

After the simple test, here another reason why DiGi is best companion ever for SIRI!


We have a clear winner isn't??

I been using DiGi for 7 years and it never failed me even once! I am happy and satisfy with their plan and coverage. So, how could you denied DiGi iPhone 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS?? ;)