Tuesday, January 04, 2011

800th post SPECIAL EDITION : Melacca 6D5N Trips! - Sunset at The Jetty

Wootza it is my 800th blogpost!

Never know that Melacca got alot places to watch sunset. One of them would be the Jetty that located nearby Mahkota Parade Mall. Went there for 2 days to bang my luck to get nice sunset but too bad cloud keep coming and too thick.

Pics on first day i went

There are alot tourist who came and take pics as well. Can see how attractive this place. Not to mention it is my first time get close contact to sea (yes i am jakun who nv went to any sea b4).

Here pics for my second attempt ;)

Rarely photoshooting nowdays but i am still in process of experimenting and figuring my own style :)

Last pic with my love one ^^