Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blackberry 9700 OS6!

Ok i might be slow but hey! I finally updated my BB to OS6! I bet u will familiar wif OS 6 if u have play with BB Torch b4 ;) If u see this post b4, i presented Bold 9700 OS5 application + interface b4 :)

Well, first thing will be difference of coz the UI! New interface + Tray UI used in OS6. But to be honest i love the previous menu UI than the OS6 1. Oh well mayb i not used to it. Just a matter of time. Besides, new icon designed for OS 6! Woops!

Contact UI was changed as well. Now u have ur friends pics on left side :D..isn't it awesome? plus the add/edit contact changed as well! look more organized with the table display rather than empty space compare to OS5 ;) *like*

The interface when on call also changed. The shortcut key on below allowed faster access rather than click menu and select

Oh the media player UI change as well. Everything look bigger and squarish with interesting album cover displayed.

Next camera, oh yea this is what i love most! From only allow for normal and macro mode, OS6 give more varieties on camera mode! U can have macro, sports, snow, party and etc. Means better pics for Bold 2? i guess yes ;) Hoooray!

Another new stuff i love was the browser! It available for multitab! Means u can open alot website in 1 shot :D

Here is something new only available for OS6, an apps known as social feed. Social feed integrated all ur social network into one. For eg ur twitter, msn, bbm all into 1 page for easier view. In addition u can subscribe RSS reader as well ;). Pretty convenience i'll say but i heard it drain alot of battery.

Lastly what i love most was the Universal Search, available for OS6 only also :D by typing something, the BB will auto search everything related to ur search. For eg i type "Kamen Rider" and the search result available was SMS, Music (yes i got few kamen rider song LOL) or it allow u quick access to search via youtube or google. Pretty convenience doesnt it? ;P

Tats all for my OS6 in Blackberry Bold 9700 at the moment. So far no issue except some battery problem which commonly happened. I experienced battery drop from 30% to 4% once i open my ubertwitter. I heard this is common and need do battery pull for few times in 1~2 days for OS stability and after that everything will return to normal. Well i hope it is true ;) will monitor it in this few days about it! :D

For those who wanna know how to upgrade to OS6, feel free to ask me :) will help as much as i can! teehee :D


y--square said...

wadda f~ please cover my real name leh! >.<

Anonymous said...

Haay i want this theme can i get this on my blackberry 9700 ?