Sunday, January 30, 2011

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ Mid Valley

Just realize a new Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe opening in Mid Valley after been long time not there. It was located on 1st floor, after u cross the bridge from Garden Mall to Mid Valley. Feeling curious and attracted by the decoration there, grab YY to have dinner there after Homecoming movie on yesterday.

The decoration was very awesomely made in my point of view. It had the peaceful, relaxing and harmony feel. Not to mention most of it made from white and green color. It would b romantic as well when some1 playing piano in the "cage" there ;P

And this is what we get on that day -

* Green Tea. Cute pot :) *

* Teriyaki Chicken *

* Salmon Fish *

My favourite Teriyaki Chicken! I alwiz ordered alot to eat when i was in TAO. For this Teriyaki Chicken, it served together with mashed potato and Teriyaki sauce! It is totally perfect :D though d portion is too small for that price :( For the Salmon Fish, it taste like usual..nth special though heh ;P..i am not fish lover anyway

Nevertheless, it is nice place to hang around with ur friends or lover :)


Anonymous said...

Just went there today. Horrible service! One of us didn't get our order and they said the system was down. All else was a mess! Food was ok though but nothing great.

Jackie Loi said...

ouch i guess u had a bad valentine memories :(

ya i agree food are okok