Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homecoming <笑着回家> Movie

Just back from movie wif my love one at Mid Valley. Watch Homecoming <笑着回家> movie. yea i know i am late for this movie but better than never rite? ;P like Justin Bieber said, Never Said

HOMECOMING is a series of stories about family and what it means to go home. The characters, and their families in the stories, come from a diverse range of generations, races and social backgrounds. These characters are (or become) interlinked, either through blood, friendship or geography.

I would said is an awesome movie :D A story that revolved 3 main situation into one. It also shown that the important of chinese reunion dinner during chinese new year eve. Besides, i love ah Niu character in this movie. His acting is not bad ;D Love Mark Lee canto-mandarin dialect as well in the total entertaining ;D

Catch this movie in cinema now, it wun disappointed u ;)