Saturday, January 08, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

Oh yea Green Hornet is here! I bet all Jay Chou fans will be screaming and crazy over him! Cough i mean over this movie of coz ;P. As for myself, i wanna c how Jay acting have been improve compare to previous.

Courtesy to Nuffnang, 70 Nuffnanger are given chance to catch Green Hornet 3 days before its official release courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia! To win a pair of invitation, all we have to do is write a blog post titled “If I Were the Green Hornet” and share what you would do to stop crime.

Well, being a superhero is cool! U can fight the crime, get rewards from mayor/citizen, get hot chick admire you and etc. So who dowanna be a superhero? I alwiz wanna be one of coz! And how i gonna fight with crime?

Of coz, being a superhero first thing first i need an image! A cool image and costume for myself! There u go! My Green Hornet Costume!

Second, i need a secret base for myself. A base where no one know including my enemy of coz. Or else they'll look up at me and beat me up when i am in toilet. Besides, my secret base was use to detect any crime happen!

Well, at the instant i get signal of crime happening, i'll rush there immediately with my beloved cool looking flaming banging truck! This is no ordinary truck because....

Yes! It is optimus prime! I have modified my truck into optimus prime! Screw all missile shooting or machinegun directly from car! Optimus Prime is more environment friendly and friendly user! He can 1 hit KO any criminal! Optimus Prime FTW!!

Next, i need a weapon to protect myself! The best weapon would be frying pan! why? because it is light, steady and can use to smash away all flying bullet that targeted me! Not to mention the diameter size is perfect to smash any criminal face!

What if my weapon and optimus prime not with me!? no worry! I'll learn martial art and easily take down any idiot who try to oppose me! One of my killer technique would be..

Yes anal fuck Butt stab! Any criminal hit by my killer technique wun have change to stand and fight back!

Finally, if my hand was disable as well, i gotta use my co-co-co-combo killing technique! Of coz as a superhero muz have at least few superpower! The easiest power will be Eye Laser Beam! It able to shoot up to 1km distance! No criminal could escape as long as s/he is in Eye Laser Beam range! Hohoho!

See! Being superhero is fun! U got cool gadget, cool power, cool costume! So together, we aim to be Green Bee Hornet kay? :D


y--square said...

frying pan? wadda f~

sleeper said...

OMG~~ ur superhero is SUPERB. haha

Support here~~^^ said...

nice ncie !

Shannon Chow said...

eh don't ikut! lols Frying Pan! xD I shall let my frying pan know how usefull he is (eric) LOL

Jackie Loi said...

@yy Frying Pan FTW :P

@sleeper lol thx ;P

@engtaukia TQ!

@shannon he only useful as frying only XD