Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Route of Victory!

Om Nom Nom!! I seriously miss this race! It is fun and crazy ;D Courtesy to Nuffnang and Maxis, Team Naan of Mai Business manage participated this race and won 1st runner up! Woops! We are awesome rite? Not to forget thanks to our God of Naan! teehee ;P

* Suefei, me, Ken & Jieyi *

The race take starting point at Modesto's Capsquare. Yupz, this gonna b our ending point as well. We required to run into 5 places by the hint given and complete the task within 7 hours in total.

* Team registration *

* My Teammate *

* Breakfast before we depart *

Emcee of the race was Niki Cheong. This gonna be my first time seeing him to speak on stage. Next is the game master from maxis, YC brief us about the race, rules and point system.

* YC *

Basically, we need to find a marshal by the first clue given using GPS Coordinate. Once we found the marshal, we'll b given a riddle to solved it and the Restaurant name will appear after that. In addition, we were given a template that contain answer for the Marshal and the restaurant location. However by using the template, point will be deducted. We earn point by getting reach the destination, blogging, twitter and facebook. Pretty fair rite?

* A pic b4 we move! *

Each team was provided with a laptop and iPhone for our hunt. Sad to say the laptop and iphone given to us is pretty badly screw up. The laptop was hang like mad. We type few words hang, we click a folder or file hand, not to mention open a browser make the laptop even worst..sigh :( The iphone provided by us cant setup the finder301 apps, no data plan inside and causing us cant use GPS (thanks to God of Naan, Ken iPhone4 never failed us that day).

* iPhone 3Gs *

* Everyone setting up the Finder301 *

So by using a 1st GPS Coordinate given by us, we found the marshal at HSBC bank PJ and the restaurant was Strawberry Fields. We are the 4th group reach d location. Pretty good rite? :)

Click here to see what we said about this shop ;)

* Sago Gula Melaka *

* Thai Style Fried Meehon *

* Butter Cream Chicken Rice *

* Ken love the butter chicken so much! *

Remember i said d laptop failed us? thanks to tat alot group had overtake us by finish blogging and submit it to the crew and leave while we still struggling with the madness of hang. Thanks to God of Naan again the Strawberry Field was near Jieyi house and we went back to her house to collect her laptop. Yay! but we are left quite behind T__T

* Struggling with the lappie... *

Second place was inside Sunway Pyramid, which were totally unexpected. The restaurant was Tarbush. Seriously i pretty love their food here especially the lamb! Though d appearance looks kinda lose d appetite, but dun judge a book by it covers rite? ;) oh btw we're left behind since we're 10th group reach there :(

Click here to see what we said about this shop ;)

* Arabic Salad *

* Lamb Cubes *

* Cream Caramel! very nice :D *

* Err forgot what this called LOL *

* Jieyi eat like hungry nomster *

* While suefei busy blogging *

Third location was take place at Uptown Damansara, HJ Samuri Sate Kajang yo! I totally in love of sate :D and i ate quite alot in there. I bet Ken love it more than me since he can drink the sauce like drinking water..piff wtf..anyway we starting to catch up! We're 7th team that reach the destination ;)

Click here to see what we said about this shop ;)

* The best Sate Sauce ever *

* Chicken, beef, lamb & deer sate! *

* See i wasn't lying! He drink d sauce! slurrp *

Forth place was abit tricky and hard to find. It was located at Sri Damansara, a place i dun familiar at all. Not to mentioned the riddle given by us is totally kill our eyes. D restaurant name was scale until "mother also kenot recorgnize" - chinese idiom. But i guess i quite genius on that day, i manage to figure out the first 3 words is "THA" and we assuming it is THAI restaurant. Suefei manage to solved it all base on my guidelines and come to the conclusion it is ThaiBase Restaurant. Yay! We're 4th group to reach there since alot group dying solving the riddle ;P

Click here to see what we said about this shop ;)

* Pineapple Fried Rice *

* Butter Prawns *

Finally, we are in rush hour and manage to speed up to Bangsar Shopping Centre, our final location. We're 3rd group that managed to reach Dancing Fish Restaurant ;D..We're awesome rite?

Click here to see what we said about this shop ;)

* Cha Kangkung *

* White & Yellow rice combination *

* Ikan Seabass Bakar! The best! *

After done wif all 5 location, we actually left 20 min to back to Modesto's Capsquare from Bangsar. Surprise we actually manage to beat the jam and reach there on time ;) There was a individual game given during that time. We need to guess what are the ingredient inside the dish that served to us. Well, a guy who rarely cook like me gonna screw this up. Even my genius-city couldn't help it.

* No idea what is this *

* Figuring out what are d ingredients *

And next *drum roll* is time to announced the winner!! ;D

As u guys already know, my group, Team Naan of Mai Business won 1st runner up ;). Champion was grab by Team Food Brigade.

* Champion : Food Brigade *

Did u guys notice the champion team is exactly d same team from the photo when they doing registration in this post? LOL Dejavooo! Oh well..i wonder can v b champion if the laptop doesnt screw us up from the beginning? who know heh..but it doesnt matter ;) what most important is we enjoy the process, the race. And i enjoy the teamwork in this team! It is perfect ;) we manage to sync wif each other!

* Our Victory! *

p/s all pics above taken with Sony NEX-3..pretty nice rite? ;) Thanks to Karyan for borrowing me!


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