Monday, January 03, 2011

Melacca 6D5N Trips! - A Must Get Food!

Oh hai! It is 3rd day of new year! I guess still got alot ppl mingle around to the past. Well i am one of them now XD..If you guys dunno, i actually in Melacca from 27th December until 1st January. Yes i just return to KL on last saturday ;)

My main objective to there? well alot reason. For photography, for food, but, the most important is spend time with my love one since both our new sem gonna start on 3rd Jan which is today. Once again i gonna depart with her and have to wait dunno goddamn how long to see again :(

Anyway, i din reli try much food in Melacca but i do try something new other than food from Jonker Street! But then, since i am in Melacca, of coz not gonna miss out some food from Jonker as well XD

If you are looking for Chicken Rice Ball, there are few optional but i heard one of the best would be from Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Shop. Tried their chicken rice ball everytime i am in Melacca and it never let me down :). The smoothness and the taste of chicken is superb!

* Chicken Rice Ball *

* The Chicken *

* Cabbage *

Next, Melacca also known as famous for their Cencol! Drool! I am cendol lover :D. Besides, Asam Laksa was pretty good as well. U can get this both at one of the famous shop, Jonker 88! :)

* Asam Laksa *

* Durian Cencol *

Anyway, what i anticipate most was the Pork Satay! As everyone know i am a pork lover and eater! I alwiz hunt for perfect pork burger and since i am in Melacca, i hunt down over Sun May Hiong Satay House for their famous Pork Satay!

We ordered 30 sticks of Satay where 10 each for Chicken, Pork and Internal Organ. Yes they do sell Pork Internal Organ satay. If u eat Bat Kut Teh before, it is d same thing they sell but in the form of Satay of coz ;)

* The pork satay with chicken satay on d back *

* internal organ satay *

The texture for pork satay is slightly difference than chicken! The taste was nice and it make me wanna eat none stop until i die! :D Unfortunately i am not a big fan of internal organ. Oh did i mention that their satay cost RM0.60/stick? it is pretty cheap compare to some satay shop in KL.

Besides, i never expect there is a shop that famous with their Naan and Tandoori Chicken in Melacca, Pak Putra Restautant. Went to try it out both and it definitely not gonna let you down!

The menu was full wif variety style of Naan and i ordered Triple Cheese Naan since i love cheeeeeeeese so much ;). The cheese taste was superb and enuf to make my mouth watery by chewing it ;D. The Tandoori Chicken was nice as well! It wasn't an ordinary fried chicken like other mamak sell. The meat was actually smooth and soft, easily to chew , Yummy! *slurrrp*

* Potato Zerra *

* Triple Cheese Naan *

* Tandoori Chicken *

ok, excuse me since i am drooling now *Slurrrpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp*

Jian introduce to me as well a famous Char Siu rice located at Batu Berendam. Thus i went there to give it a try but disappointed, they din sell any char siu on lunch time. They only sell it on evening..what a let down ;(

Nevertheless, i still dine in there and tried their Chicken Rice with YY.

It might not much difference compare to normal chicken rice that u can easily get from outside but it actually taste not bad at all. The chicken was quite smooth and even smoother than Hoe Kee Chicken Rice if u ask me ;). Someday, i'll come back again for the char siu!

p/s Jian just notify me that the famous Char Siu rice is actually at Chuen How Restaurant

There is also an affordable buffet in Melacca. One of them would be the steamboat & hot plate buffet from Carry On BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant, located in Taman Melaka Raya.

Why? It cost only RM19.80 per pax and eat all u can! No time limit as i know since i stay there wif YY for more than 2.5 hours. It is my first time having Steamboat & BBQ on the same time ^_^

For the food they have, it is pretty standard. Normal steamboat food such as fishball, meatball, vegetable, prawn, egg, mee etc etc and while for BBQ, they have varieties of meat for pork and chicken, mushroom, yam and etc etc. I would said it is alot choices actually and u will love it ;)

And i actually enjoy eating BBQ than steamboat. I enjoy the process of cooking it on the hot plate, hehehe..

Last but not least, there is a place in Melacca selling very nice fruit juice! I have been drooling over it since i tried d first time because they had my favourite fruit juice! BANANA!! :D opss i forgot, d shop was called D'Puteh, located somewhere near Bukit Beruang.

* Small & big size *

The fruit juice was 100% ori from fruit and not to mention, it is actually cheap! Rm2 for the small one and RM4 for the big one. However i rather buy 2 small one than a big one since the size doesn't double up ^_^"'...nevertheless, it is hard to get banana juice in kl..tats y i love this place so muchh!!

Well, i hope u guys have enuf wif foods and pls dun drool over ur keyboard like me *slurrrp*

Here last pics taken from Mahkota Parade mall during new year eve


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akiraceo said...

Aiks!! Wrong cha siew shop..

The one i said is opposite the chicken rice shop near the Italy shop in Batu Berendam, Perodua there..

Paiseh when u asked whether its Ho G i said yes.. i mistaken the name..

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