Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photograph JieYi the Pinkabell Part Three

It have been more than a year since i photoshoot human as my subject. Been reli busy wif my assignment and become one of the lifeless dude :( However, last few weeks i am given opportunity to photoshoot together wif Mike & Ken. Our subject of coz is Jieyi :) Well, this is my second time photoshoot Jieyi ;D

Wake up in the early morning and rush all d way from Damansara to Sekinchan. Why Sekinchan? coz all of us never been there b4 and their paddy field view was awesome! But i guess we are too excited until forgot to check the harvesting time. Yes u r rite, all the field just had a nice "trim" for their hair :(

Despite of that, nothing gonna stop us from shooting. Thanks the sky was kinda blue but in the same time the sun is killing us. Can feel the madness torture on the model as well. The sun cause most of my pics burn kao kao :(

From paddy field, we moving to sea side. The sea side view is not as awesome as i imagine. It was full wif rocks around. And again, sad, no blue sky towards the sea side :(

Gotta admit this time i din do much composition like i alwiz did (especially rule of third tat i love it so much ;P). In the same time din use any strobist equipment except my own attached SB600 + natural light. Oh in addition, those sky seem so blue thanks to CPL filter borrowed from my friend ;)

As usual, C&C is welcome :) i know my skill gone rusty..sigh


sleeper said...

haha~~ check the schedule with sekichan frens next time ya.