Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ok seriously fuck my life la! Been drooling over android devices since last year till now and yet i havent get it :( In the same time I keep poisoning myself watching youtube video. From HTC Desire, Nexus One, Desire HD and finally to Samsung Galaxy Tab. Yups i plan to get this tab! Tabbieeee :D

And another nice promo video ft Yuna Kim XD

Oh in the same time, wanna share this cute droid, the green robot commercial :P

awwww isn't the cute green droid very adorable? :D :D

I swear i gonna hands on Galaxy Tab after CNY! Rawrr kenot tahan adi :( meanwhile, gonna keep continue poison myself wif Galaxy Tab video at youtube T__T

if u guys ask me why not ipad coz it cheaper, no thx. 10 inch reli too big for me. 7 inch is just nice enuf to fit my palm ;). Plus, i wan java n flash. I wan it as my 2nd phone as well. Cool? ok great ;P Apple product still doesnt impressed me much